3 under 3

Something for myself…

Posted on: October 9, 2010

I recently had to walk away from pursuing a Master’s in Teacher Librarianship to add to my Bachelor of Education. While studying was stressful, I really enjoyed using my brain in a different capacity than in my current occupation as a full-time Mum to three children, aged 3, 2, and almost 6 months. I also enjoyed the sense of doing something for myself. However, deadlines, sick children, breastfeeding through the night and extra-curricular activities (ie. trip to Fiji) got the better of me and my ambitious scheme to become a librarian whilst on ‘maternity leave’ (sort of), and so after two unsuccessful attempts, I gave up. However, I did manage to take one new skill away from the experience, and that is the art of blogging!!!

This blog will be mostly about my experiences as a mum of three kids under three (well ok, the oldest is now three but they were all born within three years so you get what I mean!) People often ask how I do it, and some days I honestly don’t know. I’m hoping this blog will provide some insight into my chaotic life, not only for any interested reader, but alsofor  myself – the days/weeks/months are flying by so fast and I am terrified that I won’t remember the little things because I am always so busy! It’s an opportunity to sit and reflect on the days’ events (and life in general), get some things out of my system, and exercise my brain a little. And best of all, there are no deadlines…

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