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A series of unfortunate ‘organisation’ mistakes…

Posted on: October 14, 2010

When I first thought about starting this blog, I decided to research some other blogs and see if I could find any other Mums out there in similar situations to mine. I found quite a few excellent blogs written by dedicated Mums of two, three, four, FIVE children, dealing with some of the ins and outs of their daily lives. I am so impressed, and completely in awe, at the level of organisation and planning some Mums put into, well absolutely EVERYTHING! (see especially Planning Queen’s site). I can only take my hat off to them, and hope that maybe one day I might possess their considerable talents!

I had actually (until now) considered myself to be a fairly organised person, preferring to pre-plan most things… but only if I can be bothered. Since having three kids, it generally seems that, no matter how much prior effort I put into being organised the night before, I can never, ever, ever get anywhere on time if it is before 11am. And if my husband happens to be home, you can add an extra half hour to the Estimated Time of Arrival! He is perfectly capable of getting himself organised with enough time to be somewhere, but if the kids are involved, he doesn’t help, he hinders.

So today was a particularly bad day for me as far as organisation and punctuality goes… We had to be at playgroup at 10am. Playgroup is in the community hall at the park across the road from us, literally 20 metres away, so how hard can it be to get there on time? I always fall into this trap, and think I don’t need to do anything the night before, but I always regret it. Today was no exception: 

Most mornings my older two kids sleep until about 8am. They go to bed at 7pm, so this would be fantastic, except that I still get woken by the baby at least once or twice a night. So I sleep in until 8am too, instead of rising before them to start preparing for the day. I guess you could call this organisation mistake #1!

This morning I needed to have a shower and wash my hair. Usually I shower at night once the kids are in bed, but last night I was too tired and didn’t fancy going to bed with wet hair. Organisation mistake #2! This morning after the older two kids had eaten breakfast, I let them watch ABC2 while I quickly jumped into the shower. Well it was supposed to be quickly, but while I was in there I had to: entertain the baby (who was sitting in her bouncer watching me) and constantly retrieve her toys when she dropped them; wipe Tiernan’s bum when he came into the bathroom to do his morning poo; and stop Molly from climbing into the shower with me, fully clothed (so much for ABC2!).

When I finally got out of the shower, I had half an hour to get myself and all three kids dressed, brush 3 sets of teeth and hair, feed our pets, put some washing in the machine (ditched that), hang out the washing that I discovered still sitting in the machine (ditched that, too), pack fruit, bikkies and water, and get out of the bloody door! Organisation mistake #3 – should have done it all the night before (including dressing the kids!) In the meantime, the baby decided she wasn’t going to play along nicely this morning and I ended up having to ‘feed’ her to sleep, only to wake her up 10 minutes later to leave. Poor thing!

So by the time all this was done, it was 10:15 and we were officially late. Add another 10 minutes to walk the 20 metres across the road (don’t ask), and we were officially even later! Once we got there, playgroup went quite well, until Tiernan wet his pants about 15 minutes before it was time to leave. I was in the process of asking him if he needed to use the toilet when it happened! And, of course, I hadn’t packed spare undies or shorts, had I? (Organisation mistake #4).

The poor kid had to stand by the door in his wet undies and shoes, while I frantically tried to find a bucket and mop, find a tap to fill the bucket, and mop up the wee, which by this time had been walked, by scores of tiny feet, from one end of the hall to the other. Nothing discrete about that! After the wee was mopped, it was time to say goodbye. My bribe for getting the kids to actually leave with me was a promise that we would have a nice sandwich for lunch as soon as we got home… except that we had no bread (Organisation mistake #5 – ALWAYS have bread!) 

So before we could go home we had to walk via the shops, with poor Tiernan still in his wet undies and shoes. At least he didn’t seem too fazed by it, calling out to everyone we passed “I’m all wet, see?” By the time we got home and ate our lunch it was 1pm and I was ready to call it a night! Lucky we had no other plans that involved any kind of activity that required me to be the slightest bit organised for the rest of the day.

Heaven help me when Tiernan starts school in a couple of years’ time!

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