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Monster craft!

Posted on: October 21, 2010

Tiernan is really into monsters at the moment. We are visited daily by our friendly monster neighbours. Sometimes they come for morning tea, and sometimes they come to chase us. Only occasionally do they make scary noises outside our windows, but that’s okay because we have installed ‘Monster stickers’ on Tiernan’s door, which keeps them out of his bedroom.

So the other day, while Molly and Neave slept, Tiernan and I made some mini-monsters of our own. I borrowed the idea of wrapping wool around a toilet roll from Kid’s Craft Weekly. Then I partially blew up some balloons to make monster heads, and wrapped more wool around to help keep them on, although plenty of sticky tape was also used! Tiernan was sick of wrapping by this stage, so I did his monster head for him. Next we stuck short bits of wool on top for messy monster hair, and decorated with bits and pieces – buttons for eyes, coloured toothpicks for stripes, felt triangles for a tail and other markings.

I think they look great! Once they were dry, Tiernan gave them names and played with them for quite a while afterwards. His monster’s name was Cauliflower, and he liked to eat smarties. I am kicking myself for not writing down the other monster name, because I’ve forgotten it and it was just adorable! Oh well, I’ll post it if I ever remember…

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