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Things I have cleaned poo off this week…

Posted on: October 24, 2010

Don’t read this if you’re squeamish!

1. Tiernan’s undies when he pooed in them at a friend’s BBQ. These friends don’t have any children yet, and this may have put them off for a while longer.

2. The bathroom floor. You may have gathered that Tiernan is experiencing some toileting difficulties this week, despite being toilet trained for a little while now. We haven’t got to the bottom of it yet (pardon the pun). On this particular occasion, Tiernan made it to the bathroom, but the poo just ‘fell out’, as he put it, before he was able to climb onto the toilet. He then walked in it. Thanks Tiernan.

3. Tiernan’s shoes. Understandable if it’s dog poo and you’ve just stepped in it, but this was Tiernan poo and it was INSIDE the shoe. I have no idea how it got there. Maybe when it ‘fell out?’

4. The bathroom floor again. This time Tiernan did make it to the bathroom, but decided to use the potty rather than the toilet. He then, helpfully, decided to tip the poo into the toilet instead of calling me to help him. He missed.

5. Inside Tiernan’s table. Not Tiernan’s fault this time – Molly decided to join the poo party. Lately she has been taking her nappy off and refusing to put it back on. I don’t mind when I’m close by and watching her, but this time I was distracted with Neave. Molly went into Tiernan’s bedroom, climbed onto his table and pooed into the hole in the centre, which is for storing cars. Lucky the cars had all gone out for a drive.

I think it may be time to start toilet training Molly soon, although with the week I’ve had with Tiernan, I’m not keen!

Funny in hindsight, but not pleasant at the time! I hope next week is better…

1 Response to "Things I have cleaned poo off this week…"

Hey Anna, sorry had to laugh! We had all the same problems with Adam, dont worry he’ll figure it out in the end.

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