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What I love about babies…

Posted on: November 7, 2010

Neave, 6 months

So, I’m feeling all sad today that Neave will be my last baby. They really are so lovely, and I know I will miss many aspects of having such a tiny, perfect, loveable little person who fits perfectly in my arms and who would be happy to just stay there all day if I let her! Even though it’s not very long ago that Tiernan and Molly were babies, it’s quite difficult to remember exactly what they were like, as they have grown and changed so much. So here are my favourite things about babies:

1. I love the smell of their breath, all sweet and milky.

2. I love how their whole face lights up, and they just can’t help giving an excited little wiggle, when they first see you after a sleep.

3. I love how tiny they are – how is it possible for those fingers and toes to be so small?

Tiernan, 1 day old

4. I love their smiles and giggles, and how they find the most random things absolutely hilarious. So you do them over and over and over again, just to hear them laugh.

Molly, 4 months

5. I love it when they first ‘discover’ their voices, and you can goo and gaa with them like only a parent knows how!

6. I love their first, clumsy attempts at grabbing things, and how anything they do grab goes straight into their mouths.

Molly, 9 months

7. I love how their tiny little arms can only just reach above their gigantic baby heads!

8. I love how, when they are tired, they ball up their fists and rub their eyes in that cute, baby way.

9. I love the privilege of being the number 1 person in someone’s life, and being able to feed, nurture and bond with them.

10. Most of all, I love when they fall asleep in your arms and you lose time just watching them and marvelling at how perfect they are. There is nothing quite like having a baby all snuggled up against you, trusting and depending on you to love them and keep them safe. Their soft breath on your skin is the warmest, fuzziest feeling in the world…

Tiernan, 1 month

I could write plenty more, but I think my top 10 will do. I guess I’m feeling bittersweet because Neave has entered my favourite baby stage –  from 6 to 9 months. It’s my favourite because they are so much more interactive, and they learn to eat, sit and crawl all within a few months. They’re still babies, but they develop more personality and start to fit into the family routine a little better. So this is the last time I will get to experience these things as a mother, and while I am looking forward to the many things I love about not having a baby in the house, I am also going to cherish all the things I love about it!

Neave, 1 week old

Neave, 6 months

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