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Losing your first balloon

Posted on: November 8, 2010

Holding onto your balloon outside seems to be a lesson that can only be learnt the hard way! I remember losing my first balloon. It was at Australia’s Wonderland (back in the day), and my parents had grudgingly spent the outrageous $10 for one of those shiny silver ones with a cartoon character on it. In my usual, stubborn style, I refused to let them tie it to my wrist. I think we got about ten steps before I let it go. My younger sister, who had consented to the wrist-tying, did not lose hers…

Tiernan and Molly were given helium balloons today, at a car yard (see previous post). They’ve had them before, and miraculously never lost one. Today, Tiernan’s balloon survived the trip home, and the walk from the car to the house. But then he snuck back outside with it while Tom and I were busy unloading the car. I turned around to find Tiernan pointing up at something round and yellow floating up past the roof of our house. And it was too late. Tiernan calmly watched his balloon get smaller and smaller for a few moments before hopefully suggesting that it might start to come back down now. When I broke the news to him that it wouldn’t, he remained calm for a few more minutes before saying, “But look, it’s coming down now!” It wasn’t. It was just barely visible against the cloudy sky, and it definitely wasn’t coming back down. That’s when he realised that he’d lost it for good. And his poor little heart broke. His face crumpled and he cried big, sad sobs for at least half an hour. He only cheered up, temporarily, when we promised to try to get him another one next week when we pick up our new car (which has changed his opinion of new cars, incidently, as he had previously been adamant that we were not getting a new one, ever). But then he bravely tried to tell his Poppy about it over the phone, “Poppy, I lost my balloon outside. It… it… it… (breaking down again) wentupintotheskyandDaddy’sgoingtogetmeanewonebutI’msad… wah!” Some warm milo helped him to feel better again, until he got upset because he thought Neave was laughing at him. Well, she actually was, but she laughs at everyone.

So my poor boy needed some TLC, and about five tuck-ins tonight, because he was grieving for his lost balloon. But we still weren’t done, because before he fell asleep, a storm blew over, and Tiernan, who is usually frightened of storms anyway, was worried about how his balloon was coping. Of course I couldn’t tell him that it had probably burst way before the storm came through, so I told him that the wind would have blown the balloon far away and that it was safe from the storm. He was satisfied with that, and went to bed saying, “My lucky balloon is very safe.”

Oh, he’s so precious!

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