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10 things about Molly, aged 27 months

Posted on: December 22, 2010

1. I love how affectionate you are, your cuddles and kisses are so nice, especially since you actually attempt to kiss with your lips now and not just lick me with your tongue!

2. Like your brother, you are now getting so good at talking. You are starting to put three, sometimes even four, words together. Some of my favourite phrases are: “A hurty bottom”; “Are you aw-right?”; “One, two, three, nor, nine!”; “Breakfast! Eated a weet-bix. Jam?”; and “Bye. (See you) In a morning!”

3. I love our tea parties in your room. You are always warning me to be careful because the tea is hot. One day I got a little too much into my character (Drinker of Copious Amounts of Tea), and pretended to burn myself a little. You took it literally and got quite upset that I was hurt. I had to let you nurse me back to health. I haven’t attempted to expand my role since then, but I do still enjoy a good tea party with you.

4. I love your feisty independence (“No! I do it!”). You want to do everything for yourself, and I can only stand back and let you try, because: a) a rather spectacular tantrum usually follows my intervention; and b) I don’t want to squash your independent spirit. I think I know where you get it from… me! So you go, girl. Okay, I will admit that your (stubborn) independence does sometimes (okay, often) irk me a little (a lot), when you want to do it yourself but really just can’t, even after trying and trying. At such times, you not only don’t let me help you, you fly into a rage. However, I am willing to look at the positives here: it has helped you master such skills as threading cotton reels, putting on your sandals, taking off your nappy (not so helpful), and putting your dishes in the sink. Plus, lately you have started to admit defeat and actually ask for help when you realise the task is beyond you, and that’s an important skill too.

5. I love when you give us the ‘silent treatment’ when you are cranky with us. I don’t think you realise yet how much we prefer it to your tantrums. It’s pretty perfect – you get to express your disgust with us/the situation, while we don’t have to put up with your screaming. What’s even better is that you don’t actually stop communicating with us, but respond to questions with nods or shakes of the head, so we can still carry on as normal and get on with the day. When it’s all over, you announce, “I talking now!” 

6. I love your pretend phone conversations. You usually ring Nanny, and the content is usually along the lines of, “Hello Nanny…. yeah… yeah… yeeaaah!… um, yeah… no!… no, no… yeah! Byyyyeeee.”

7. I love hearing your first words in the morning, “Muuuu-mmmmmmyyyyy…. Muuuuuu-mmmmyyyyy. Mummy, Mummy. Muuuuu-mmmmmyyyy.” I’m often still in bed when I hear this, and I think you’re really cute on purpose so that I can’t take too long to get up and let you out of your cot… but still, it’s nice that I’m your first thought in the morning.

8. Your singing and dancing is very sweet. Like your brother, you’re quite musical and I love hearing you sing nursery rhymes, leaving out half the words and mispronouncing most of the others. Amazingly, they’re still easily recognisable because you get the tune pretty much right. You also love a good bop to the radio after breakfast.

9. You are much more fussy than Tiernan when it comes to eating, but I am going to give you credit for trying. You used to reject all fruit and vegetables that weren’t in puree form, but now you have started to actually try things again, and we have discovered that you like carrot, mashed potato (sometimes), apple, banana, mango, pear, watermelon… that’s about it, but we’re working on it. At least you’ll eat food from all of the other food groups!

10. I love that, while you absolutely adore Tiernan, you are not afraid to stand up to him (even bully him at times, which isn’t so good). You spend a lot of your day following him around and copying him, and he is mostly happy to let you, until it gets too much and then he locks you out of his room. Then you find something else to do.

Not so lovable…

1. Please stop screaming! Whenever you don’t get your way. Whenever you do get your own way but not soon enough. Whenever someone looks at you the wrong way. Whenever you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Whenever it looks like someone might do something you don’t like… You have words now, start using them please!!!

2. The hitting/biting/scratching/pinching that often accompanies the above-mentioned screaming. I know it’s just a phase and most toddlers go through it, but you are particularly vicious about it. You also attack Neave for absolutely no reason, which I really hate. I can’t wait for you to grow out of it.

3. The way you take particular delight in destroying my bedroom – every single book within your reach on the floor, every single nappy on the change table screwed up and stuffed into the bin, every single item on my bedside table in your mouth… all this achieved within a minute of you sneaking in there behind my back!

4. When you are in a bad mood and don’t let me sing, it makes me sad. You say, “No! Stop it!” and scream until I can’t hear the song anymore. Poor Mummy…

5. When we go to the park and all you want to do is be pushed on the swing. The whole time. Without a break. And then we have a fight when it’s time to go, and I have to prise your fingers off the swing, one at a time, and carry you, kicking and screaming, all the way home. It always makes me think twice before saying, “Hey, let’s all go to the park! Won’t that be fun?” (No, it probably won’t).

6. Your bedtime ritual that involves kissing every sticker/picture/character/photo in your room good night. It used to be cute, but I’m over it, because it makes ‘going to bed’ take an extra 5 minutes when alI just want you to go to bed right now so I can sit down!

7. Please stop eating the nappy rash cream! Every time I turn around, you’ve got your hand in the jar again, cream all over your face and smeared all over the furniture. I’m sure it can’t taste good and that you only do it for my reaction (which I can’t help – it’s BUM cream, for goodness sake!)

8. The way you totally destroy books! I can’t even borrow library books anymore. Well okay, that may be because I’m hopeless at returning them on time, but it is extra embarrassing bringing books back that are two months late AND ripped to shreds.

Well, that’s all. Despite your more annoying traits, you are still one beautiful and amazing little person, and I am so proud of you.

Love Mummy xxx

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