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Skullens and Monsters

Posted on: January 1, 2011

Today (being New Year’s Day) was a lazy one for us. I wasn’t feeling at all inspired to try to keep the kids entertained. Luckily, they are pretty good at entertaining themselves, at least for short bursts anyway. So, while I was reading a book on the lounge, Tiernan and Molly kept me entertained by involving me in their games.

Tiernan came and showed me a wonky-looking shape that he’d drawn on his Magna Doodle. He told me it was a cave and he was going to make me little so I could go inside it. He waved his hand over me and said, “There you are, you’re little now. You can go inside and see the monsters. Watch out for the skullens, though.” When I asked what skullens are he told me they are white and have heads and legs… I finally worked out that he meant skeletons!

I agreed to enter the cave, but wasn’t sure why I was bothering since I wasn’t keen on meeting any skullens or monsters. Tiernan assured me that the cave would be worth the visit because it is purple, and I like purple. It’s also yellow, and sometimes turns green. “Wow, sounds like a wonderful cave! I guess I’d better go in, then”, I replied,”But I still don’t know if I’m feeling brave enough.” So Tiernan introduced me to his mouse friend, called Doc. He drew Doc on the Magna Doodle (I took a photo because it’s the first recognisable picture I think he’s ever drawn, and you can’t preserve it forever when it’s drawn on a Magna Doodle!)

Doc the Mouse

Tiernan told me that Doc the mouse has four legs, but two of them became tangled in a walking accident. He is good at scaring monsters and skullens away, and would be happy to be my friend and take me into the cave. After a stroll through the cave, now empty of monsters and skullens (thanks to Doc), the game ended with some watermelon for afternoon tea. Doc joined us for watermelon because he’d lost all of his…

1 Response to "Skullens and Monsters"

What a great story. I love how kids make up their own and involve you in it making up extra bits as needed. His drawing is GREAT. I’ve yet to see anything recognisable from Scarlett. Good thinking taking a photo to remember it!

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