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This is what I call a bad day

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Today was a bad day.

I attempted to assemble Tiernan’s new chest of drawers. Half the pieces were missing, meaning Tom had to stop at the store and would be home late instead of early.

I attempted to catch up on washing. It rained.

I attempted to save the washing, leaving Neave playing in the lounge room, Tiernan watching TV, and Molly safely asleep in her cot. Or so I thought. I came back inside to hear Molly say, “Mummy, poo!” When I walked into her room, she was busy smearing it all over her sheets, her cot rails, her clothes and her face… her FACE!!! I nearly vomited.

I attempted to clean up the mess without myself becoming poo-smeared, but to no avail.

I attempted to take out my frustrations on Tom when he called at the exact wrong moment and asked me to do something for him. “NO I CAN’T!” (Sorry Tom).

I gave up attempting to entertain the kids when it came time to start cooking dinner, letting them watch even more TV (bad mother).

I attempted to put the kids to bed. Within five minutes of being tucked in, Molly was calling out, “Mummy, poo!” again. It was on her doll, but not her sheets (thank &$#@). However, it got transferred to my sheets when I attempted to change her in my room (&$#@!!!)

I attempted to run away and join the circus, but only made it as far as the bathroom. After slamming the door, bursting into tears and then sitting on the loo and crying for five minutes, I felt equal to the task of bathing Neave (which I’d been trying to palm off to Tom before the second poo incident). I let him deal with the shit instead.

Obviously, there are people out there who probably had much, much worse days than mine. But barring death, accident, illness, flood, fire, famine, other natural disaster… etc., my shit day has gotta be up there, right?

1 Response to "This is what I call a bad day"

That does sound like a shit day. And it’s always worse when the shit keeps on coming!

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