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10 things about Neave, aged 9 months

Posted on: January 23, 2011

This will be a ‘loves’ only list because what’s not to love about a 9-month-old baby? Actually, we just made it through quite a difficult patch with Neave, and now that we seem to be on the other side of it, I am reminded of what a relaxed, easy-going baby she really is.

1. I love that you seem to like having your own bedroom. We finally bit the bullet and moved you out of our room, and now you are sleeping much better, both night and day. I’m sure the fact that you’re now eating properly is probably helping, too. I can’t help also loving having free access to my own bedroom, whenever I like! Having to tip-toe around you when you were sleeping was becoming a nuisance. But now you are a brilliant sleeper again.

2. I love how good you are at eating now, and how much you like to try new and different foods. You also skipped the ‘mush’ stage, and I love not having to puree everything so that you can eat it.

3. I love how amusing you find it to watch your brother and sister play. Hours of entertainment! You are also quite good at entertaining yourself – you love to potter around, stopping to play with toys (and other objects, such as bits of fluff, puzzles pieces, tiny bouncy balls, rubber bands – all very chokable and very baby unfriendly) that catch your eye. (It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I pick these things up, you always find more!)

4. I love how you come back to touch base with me every now and then, climbing onto my lap for a cuddle. Super sweet.

5. I love how quickly you have worked out how to move! It was only a bit over a month ago that you were starting to commando crawl, and now you are crawling properly, all over the house. You are also pulling yourself up to stand on anything that stays still long enough. You are not afraid to try new manoeuvres, and if you fall you usually don’t fuss, unless you really hurt yourself. I love your get up and go outlook on life.

6. Speaking of crawling, I love how you’ve developed your own unique style. You have this really funny-looking, jerky shuffle thing going on, which you do for three steps, then you stick one leg out to the side (to give your knee a rest from the hard floorboards, I think), and continue on for another three steps, before swapping legs. It’s so cute to watch!

7. I love your beautiful, toothless smiles that couldn’t get any bigger.

8. I love your new favourite way of expressing your excitement, which is to flap your arms up and down while smiling and scrunching up your face, like a Japanese cartoon character!

9. I love the snuggly cuddles you give me before you go to bed, laying your head on my shoulder. Sometimes you blow raspberries on my neck, which you seem to think is pretty funny.

10. I love seeing you have the BEST time in the bath. You absolutely love it, crawling from one end to the other, chasing toys, slipping over, splashing water everywhere. It’s beautiful to watch.

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