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Molly’s words

Posted on: January 23, 2011

Molly is speaking so well lately, using up to five words in a sentence. She’s like a little parrot, copying everything she hears. Here are some of her funny words:

tippy tape = sticky tape

dork = fork

Mummy = Mummy and/or Daddy (she used to say ‘Daddy’, but it seems she can’t be bothered lately)

dunny = funny

ebassant = elephant

Mowee = Molly

Tee-an = Tiernan

Incy de bida = Incy wincy spider

dwutterdwy = butterfly

dwutter, dwutter, dwutter (flapping arms) = butterfly fluttering!

Like Tiernan, she has also started to sing whole songs, which I think is so clever, not to mention cute. I’ve overheard her singing a few songs:

“Row, row, row ra boat.”

“Wheel on a bus do ra ra round, all day rong!”

“Humpy Dumpy sat on a wall, went boom boom boom.”

1 Response to "Molly’s words"

A couple more that I forgot:

Wub do, bye = Love you, bye

Wibaweff = Elizabeth

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