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Posted on: January 23, 2011

Tom and I have been puzzling over Tiernan’s new word, “Murjawee”, for ages. I first heard it when we were driving along in the car, and he asked me, “Mum, what’s Murjawee?” This was followed by a very long and frustrating conversation in which I asked him to repeat the word over and over while he got more and more upset and annoyed with me for being so stupid as to not understand what he was saying. “MUR – JA – WEE, Mum!!!”

In the end we both gave up, but I continued to try and figure out the word for days afterwards. Some possibilities I thought of:

Murder-y? I didn’t think he knew the word murder, but I supposed it was possible he had heard it elsewhere and wondered what it meant?

Or maybe it was spelt Murjawuy? Could it be the name of a character in an Aboriginal story that he read at day care? (I’d been thrown by the word ‘Quinkin’ before!)

In the meantime, Tom had also heard the word, and couldn’t work out what it was either. We were finally put out of our misery the other night, when Tiernan was playing with his fire truck, shouting, “Quick, it’s a murjawee!”

We performed simultaneous mental head-slaps, “Oh, emergency!”

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