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How to make a Super-hero cape

Posted on: February 2, 2011

You might find yourself listening to your son’s heart-felt laments that he doesn’t have a super-hero toy.

“Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish, I had a super-hero…” Sigh.

What about Buzz Lightyear?”

“Well he doesn’t have a cape.”

If you feel sorry for him, you might decide to knock one up for him. Here’s how:

1. Cut a tea-towel in half.

2. Sew a hem on the cut edge, leaving room to feed a ribbon through later.

3. Threaten to give up the project when your son pulls the needle out of your hand for the fifteenth time.

4. Tie some ribbon to a skewer and feed it through the hem.

5. Proudly present the cape to your son. Try not to be too offended when he asks if it is a skirt.

6. Dress Buzz in his cape, and smile smugly to yourself as you watch your son play with him. For a whole five minutes.

7. When he loses interest, pick up the abandoned Buzz and pose him for photos yourself.

10. And repeat, for your daughter.

1 Response to "How to make a Super-hero cape"

I love the cape. At least you are good enough to make it for him. It seems that Scarlett has an abundance of super heroes to play with (with and without capes) as her Dad kept quite a few of his from when he was a kid.

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