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What do you think of this?

Posted on: February 9, 2011

I was sent a group email and I actually read it (I often don’t). It had some pretty cute photos of a little baby (Mila) sleeping, surrounded by some amazing scenes that her mother, Adele Enersen, had created around her while she slept.

I have to admit that, while the photos are so, so cute, I found them a little disturbing when viewed in succession (there were lots!) – the cute little sleeping baby started to seem more like a doll, and I wondered how many times she had to be moved during the creation of each scene.*

I was curious enough to actually google Adele Enersen, and I found her blog, Mila’s daydreams. In her blog, Adele explains that she only spends a few minutes creating each scene and tries not to disturb her baby too much. She also has a you tube clip posted on the page, which is a slide show of the photos, set to background music, which makes viewing a much more soothing experience. The bi-line of the blog title also helps to provide the right context for these scenes. It reads, “I’d like to see into your dreams, my little girl.” So that‘s what it’s all about. How sweet!

So, now that I’ve viewed them a few more times, I really love these photos. I think Adele is incredibly clever and imaginative. Interestingly, most the scenes are un-gendered, too (Adele and Mila are from Finland, so perhaps they don’t have the same gender hang-ups that we have here?) 

Obviously little Mila is quite a sound sleeper, so good for Adele!

*Actually, Adele has a FAQ section on her blog, too, and I found out there that she creates the scenes in her lounge room while Mila is sleeping in her bed, then brings the baby out for a quick photo before putting her back to bed. Duh!

Apparently, Adele also has a book deal, and a bedtime-story book will be published from the photos in 2012. I’ve also realised that the blog is not new – the posts I’ve seen date back to July 2010, so maybe everyone has seen these photos already, and I’m behind the times as usual?

1 Response to "What do you think of this?"

I got that same email from my mum Anna and I roused on her for forwarding it. I follow Adele’s blog and was saddened when she removed all her beautiful photos of Mila because other people were using her photos for their own gain. I think her book will be amazing.

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