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The park (again) and sibling love

Posted on: February 25, 2011

When I woke up this morning I felt like doing something hideously adventurous. Like walk to the park with three kids. Not the park across the road from us, that would be too easy. The one about a kilometre down the road, with footpaths covering only a third of the distance. Yeah, that one. Extra challenge: take the trikes!

Great idea – I get to feel all ‘outdoorsy’, get the kids exercising (well, the one I’m not carrying or pushing on a trike the whole way), and I get to make up for being a bit slack with the whole outing thing lately (we seriously haven’t left the house, except for daycare/preschool, in what seems like ages).

“Alright kids, let’s all go to the park today! No, not that park, the one that’s ages away that you’ve been to once, that I swore I’d never try to walk you to again. Just let me get some things together and we’ll go… Oh, and we’ll have to get out of our pyjamas too, and brush our hair… clean our teeth… I’d better put a load of washing on… and feed our pets… better bring some food… Molly, is your trike still broken? I think it is, I’ll have to try and fix it… oh sunscreen, better put that on… guys, where are your hats?… come and get your nappy changed, Molly… oh, no sweetie, we don’t have time for puzzles if you want to go for a walk… hang on where’s the baby carrier, kids I have to go down to the garage, you just watch Playschool for a bit while I go and look for the baby carrier… where is the flippin’ baby carrier, oh here it is… okay, shoes on? let me just pack you some water… oh shit! medicine, Tiernan come and have your medicine, and you too Neave, no sorry Molly, none for you today, you’re all healthy today, yes I know that makes you sad, here have some water in a medicine cup, please don’t throw that at me, now you’ll have to go to your room… Tiernan put your shoes back on please… okay Neave, I know you’re tired…

90 minutes later, (ohforgoodnesssakescanwejustgoalready?) “Okay, let’s go!”

This strange convoy left our home and headed for the park…

Yes, some of that 90 minutes was spent taking photos. But I was seriously impressed with myself for managing to wrestle Neave into this thing. I was also seriously impressed that she was asleep before I even got to take a photo!

I said 'trikes', but after at least 10 minutes of dedicated swearing at Molly's one, it remained broken. So, Tiernan rode his scooter and Molly borrowed his trike. Sibling love!

Our trip TO the park looked like this

We got to the park without incident. Except, let me just say that Tiernan is not much of a daredevil when it comes to ‘scootering’. About one metre in front of me at all times, crawling along at snail pace sometimes, and looking over his shoulder at me for about two-thirds of the trip!

“You can go a bit faster if you want, Tiernan! But watch where you’re going!”

The park was fun. All of the usual, parky things:


Me too! climbing




Chatting on the 'phone' (supposed to be a calculator). Probably to the police.

Swinging on the 'adorable' swing

Swinging on the 'tantrum' swing (mood swing?)

Sliding, with a little bit more 'sibling love' into the mix

The ‘sibling love’ thing went all day, actually. It’s a weird phenomenon, occurring on a seemingly random cycle (but I’m sure it’s got something to do with the moon, or maybe the weather), but on these days the siblings wake up and they just adore each other and get along really well all day. For example, this morning Tiernan went into Molly’s room, joined her in her cot, and they made each other laugh by pulling faces and saying ‘boo’ for the next ten minutes. Then they shared their favourite toys with each other and played together in one another’s bedrooms. Amazing.

When we’d sufficiently filled our clothing (and in Neave’s case, mouth) with tiny bits of bark, it was time to go. The trip home took at least twice as long as the trip there. Tiernan, who was already rather tired, used up all of his remaining energy within the first hundred metres, by riding his scooter through the thick grass instead of on the road. Things fell apart rather quickly from there. The more civilised parts of our trip home looked like this:

Molly walking and Tiernan being pushed on the trike

However, I didn’t get photos of the part when Molly refused to walk any further, so Tiernan and I said ‘bye’ and kept walking (which worked for a bit – she followed at a short distance behind), but then Tiernan decided he missed his sister too much (sibling love, again), and attempted to go and get her, which of course resulted in Molly bolting in the opposite direction. I didn’t get a photo of the woman who stopped her car to help chase Molly down the footpath (I was burdened with trike, scooter, bag and baby), and who eventually caught her. And I didn’t get a photo of when I attempted to juggle Molly, scooter and bag whilst also trying to push the trike.

The words ‘never again’ come to mind.

But at least there was sibling love:

1 Response to "The park (again) and sibling love"

You were very brave Anna. And it didn’t turn out too badly in the end. It is so nice to see some sibling love isn’t it? Mine are just starting to (sometimes) play cooperatively. I hope it continues.

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