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Car gymnastics

Posted on: February 28, 2011

We spent the weekend down at my Mum’s house. It was lovely to get away. I needed a little holiday. I needed a little holiday from thinking about and planning and cleaning our house for our big holiday next week. We’re doing a house swap, which is completely brilliant, but it means I have to clean, doh! So yeah, I needed a holiday from that.

Driving home was a nightmare. The trip is only supposed to be a little over two hours, but we had to stop four times in the first hour. First Tiernan needed to wee. Then we needed fuel. Then Tiernan said he needed to poo. But he was only joking. Then Tiernan dropped his teddy, but we didn’t stop because we were sick of him. Then he said he needed to poo again, and we fell for it again…

I wasn’t in a good mood after all this, but at least it confirmed for me that taking the kids on the plane to Queensland is absolutely the right thing to do. It will be messy – I will be on my own because Tom is driving the car up and meeting us there. But at least it will be over quickly.

So, when things finally settled down, and we actually got to do some uninterrupted kilometres, we realised we were all getting hungry. We made one more stop at a drive-thru. And then the car gymnastics began. How to get food to the child in the back row? We recently bought a 7-seater, and Tiernan sits right up the back. I wanted to avoid stopping anymore, because Neave was finally asleep after the previous nightmare stoppages, and I was loathe to wake her again and have her scream the rest of the way home. So, we had to get food to Tiernan while on the move. 

Passing the food to Molly for her to relay on to Tiernan didn’t work – on her first attempt she tipped the food all over herself, and on her second attempt we realised her arms were far too short anyway. But bless her for trying!

So, I leaned back as far as I could (trying not to bop Neave on the head) and, after securing the box as well as I could, tossed Tiernan’s dinner over the middle row, and into his waiting hands. It could have been rather messy – as I prepared to throw, I was picturing chips and nuggets showering down onto Neave’s sleeping figure, but it worked. A classic catch!

Feeling pleased with myself, I concentrated on my own dinner. Then I heard, “Mum, I’m thirsty.”

Our next routine involved trying to get Tiernan’s water bottle from the third row into the front. I wouldn’t let him throw it, even though he desperately wanted to follow my bad example. We tried going via Molly again, but her arms hadn’t grown any since last time. Instead, Tiernan managed to (lightly) drop the bottle onto Neave’s seat, where I was able to grasp it with my fingertips. I tipped some water into it, and threw it back to him.

It got him on the head this time, and dropped down onto the floor. Bugger.

“Oh, Mum!”

“Sorry Tiernan, you’ll just have to wait til we get home. We’re not far now.”

“But I’m thiiiiiiirsty!”

After whining for a few minutes, Tiernan engaged in a solo routine of his own devising. He picked the bottle up with his toes and manage to creep it up the back of the seat in front of him, until he could reach it with his hands.

“Got it!”

Did I mention I used to be a gymnast? Maybe I should enrol Tiernan soon…

3 Responses to "Car gymnastics"

Where are you house swapping? It sounds like an adventure – I’ve never really thought of it.

We’re going to the Gold Coast, lucky us! It was my friend’s idea – she used to live down here and they come back for a holiday every year, so she put the call out to everyone she knows with child-friendly houses. So, free accommodation for all. I’d probably feel nervous about swapping with strangers, but we know this family pretty well. Exciting!

I hope you have a great time. I certainly would be easier with people you know. I hope the flight with the kids went well for you. I’m sure the flight staff will be very helpful wince you’re by yourself.

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