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Posted on: March 22, 2011

Neave’s birthday is coming up, so I have been thinking a lot about cakes! I have to admit that making birthday cakes has turned out to be one of my favourite things about motherhood. Something to do with the anticipation of choosing the cake, preparing all the bits and pieces (and sometimes having to search high and low for them!) in the weeks leading up to the birthday; the excitement of finally getting started on the night before the party, after the kids are in bed; and then the (usually early-morning) sense of achievement with the end result. I’m not going to jinx myself by saying that I’ve not had any flops yet. Although, the closest I’ve come is with Molly’s Dorothy cake, which I was still working on as party guests arrived – Molly had been sick the night before the party, so we had to wait and see how she was in the morning before deciding whether or not to go ahead with it! 

I’ve pretty much made up my mind for Neave’s 1st Birthday cake, but I was looking at pictures of my previous efforts and thought I’d share them:

This one is pretty self-explanatory!

This was for Tiernan’s 2nd Birthday. Wasn’t as hard as it looks, but veeeery time-consuming.

This was Molly’s 1st Birthday cake.

Tiernan’s 3rd.

This was Molly’s 2nd birthday cake, for her ‘friend’ party.

This was for the ‘family’ party.

She took these to daycare on her actual birthday, because two cakes just weren’t enough!

And Tom got this for his most recent birthday!

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