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A little equality around here

Posted on: March 24, 2011

This morning I got to sleep in, as Tom was at home. He got up before the kids (still a sleep in for him, he usually rises at 4am), and gave them breakfast once they were up. He played with them (a rigourous game of hide and seek was going on when I woke up), and then he took Molly and Tiernan to the oval to kick a ball around. He put a load of washing on before he left (all of this without being asked!). I gave Neave her morning tea before putting her down for her morning sleep, and returned to bed myself with a cup of tea and a book. Tom picked up some meat on his way home, and started cooking dinner when he got back (to be heated up later, as he was going to work in the evening for a night shift). I got out of bed (at last!), showered, and then made the kids some lunch. While they were eating, I hung out the washing and put another load on. Tom went to bed for a sleep, and I read some stories to the kids before they went down for their afternoon rest/sleep, except for Neave who wasn’t quite ready for hers. I played with Neave for a while, until she was ready to go to bed, and then I did some tidying and more washing, and the grocery shopping (on the internet). I joined Tiernan in watching TV when he came out of his room after his rest. When Molly and Neave woke up, we had some afternoon tea, and I took them out the back to play. After half an hour, we came back in, and I woke Tom up so he could watch the kids while I heated up dinner and cooked rice. After dinner, Tom started getting ready for work, while I put the kids in the bath. He dressed Molly, who got out early, and helped dry and motivate Tiernan to get himself dressed, before leaving for work. I read stories to the kids, gave them their milk, and put them to bed. Then I set about tidying up from the day’s activities.

We don’t always get it right, but today I really felt that we were a team, equally responsible for our children and our household. And it wasn’t even really a day off for Tom, who usually pitches in quite well on weekends, but isn’t too keen after a day at work.

Go team!

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