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10 things about Tiernan, aged 3 and 3/4

Posted on: April 4, 2011

I borrowed this concept from Blue Milk, here. Every three months, I am taking the time to contemplate each of my children, the lovely things and the not-so-lovely things.


1. I love your cuddles. I still get plenty, yay!

2. I love how friendly you are, introducing yourself to everyone you possibly can when we go out. Sometimes it is embarrassing, especially when you shout at the top of your lungs and then proceed to tell total strangers every little thing about our lives. But mostly it’s cute, and you haven’t revealed too many secrets, yet.

3. I love that you like to show everyone the letter ‘T, for Tiernan’, using your fingers. You often do this in response to being asked how old you are, though.

4. You can count to ten, pointing to objects and giving them a number (one-to-one correspondence). I’ve taught five-year-olds who couldn’t do that.

5. You still think that you start growing immediately after eating your veggies. We all have to watch you grow after dinner every night!

6. You are getting better at talking to people on the phone, having proper conversations. Like, “Hello Poppy, are you having fun in Hawaii? Do you want to come to my place? Okay, come when you’re finished in Hawaii, then. See you in a minute!”

7. You are starting to ask questions about how things work, moving beyond boring old ‘why?’ (although we still get that lots, see below). I think you sometimes even get my explanations, terrible as they are! But not always. 

Tiernan: “What does Daddy do at work, does he fix trains?”

Me: “Not trains, but he plans the work that needs to be done to fix the electricity for the trains, or keep it working properly.”

Tiernan: “Oh, okay. Is he good at fixing trains?”

8. Out of nowhere, you have started calling me ‘Mama’, which I actually quite like.

9. Ever since you played with a boy called Jake at a playground (ok, I’ll admit it was a Maccas playground), all of the characters in your imaginary games have been called Jake. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s the only name you can remember that isn’t already in our family, or whether it’s because Jake made an impression on you, but either way, it’s pretty cute!

10. Sometimes you are genuinely helpful and nice. You help pack up the toys without being asked, you fetch me things, or you say nice things to your sisters when they are upset. Sometimes you even offer them your toys to play with. All signs that you are growing up and starting to understand other people’s feelings a little. I’m so proud of you, my beautiful boy.



1. Despite your curiosity into the ‘how’ side of things, you still constantly ask why. Only, your use of ‘why’ has evolved and it has now become a stroppy, resentful, teenageWhy?” and it immediately follows almost every request we make of you:

“Tiernan, come and eat your dinner now, please.” Why?

“Tiernan, come and brush your teeth now, please.” Why?

“Tiernan, let’s put your shoes on and go to the park.” Why?

Highly irritating!!!

2. Sometimes you are just so silly. You go into this ‘silly’ trance, when you can only speak in gibberish, and all your muscles go wild and make you do ridiculous things (like jump off one item of furniture onto another, or ram your fire truck into the safety gate at top speed). You usually end up running around the house and yelling at the top of your lungs, and I want to join you, in frustration.

3. You are becoming very strong-willed. Last week you had your heart set on visiting our friend Daniel and his new puppy. We told you we would all go the next day. But you were determined to go right then, so you snuck away into your bedroom, put on your shoes and climbed out the window. If you hadn’t been six above the ground, we might never have seen you again! As it was, you realised you couldn’t get down and started yelling for help, and we rescued you. It nearly gave me a heart attack to pull back your curtain and find you on the wrong side of the glass! We’ve chuckled about it since (not in front of you – we don’t want a repeat, and your windows are now locked!) On the positive side, I guess we could say you showed initiative, independence, problem solving, and planning (putting your shoes on first). You’re ahead of me – I’m pretty sure I was at least seven before I attempted to run away from home. However, it was pretty frightening, and I’ve not recovered fully yet, so I’m cursing your independent spirit here, not praising it.

4. You know that thing you do where you wrap your arms around Neave when she’s standing up, and then you fall backwards, pulling her down on top of you? Yeah, we all hate that, Neave too. Even though I’ve asked you not to, several (million) times, you still delight in it.

5. You seem to think it’s necessary to repeat me when I’m asking Molly to stop doing something. I’m sure she doesn’t need the “Yeah Molly, we’ve asked you not to do that before.”

6. It really is better for all involved if you don’t have a sleep during the day, as difficult as that is. Because then you’re up until 9 or 10 and I end up resenting you for not letting me have my down time before bed.

7. Your obsession with food is growing, as is my embarrassment at your behaviour when we go anywhere involving food. Well, mostly parties and playgroup. I try giving you what I would call a generous plate full, letting you know that once it’s gone, it’s gone. But you don’t give up – you hover over the table like a waif, sneakily stealing morsels. The more I tell you to stop it, or try to distract you with a different activity, the more brazen you get, taking handfuls and running away to hide under a table while you eat. Then you return for more. It makes me so embarrassed – it’s as though you’ve never seen food before! I really don’t know how to cope with this behaviour, but I’m going to have to find out because I’m starting to dread going to parties with you.

That’s all for now!

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