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10 things about Molly, aged 2-and-a-half

Posted on: April 6, 2011

1. I love snuggling in bed with you in the morning. When you wake up, you call out to me from your cot, and I bring you into my bed and you squish yourself in between Tiernan (who comes into our bed in the early hours most mornings) and I. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to doze for a bit longer while you are quiet next to me, or sometimes you will go and play elsewhere. If I’m unlucky, you will bring toys to me and insist I chat to them. If I’m really unlucky, you will wake Tiernan up and you will both start jumping on the bed, at which point I tell you both to go away, which usually works. It’s not so bad. At least I get to wake up slowly, most mornings.

2. Not to be outdone by your brother, you also like to introduce yourself to everyone. “I Molly,” you say proudly. This is usually followed by, “Oh, hello Molly. How old are you?” to which you reply, “uh… Molly!” (Although lately you have sometimes been shouting, “TWO!!!”)

3. I love your curly, dark-blonde hair. It reminds me of my hair when I was younger (well, except for the curly bit. Maybe it just reminds me of the hair I wanted when I was younger!) Sometimes I’m even allowed to play with it. I’m not allowed to get too attached to the final product though, as you usually pull it out within minutes.

4. You are fascinated with dolls and babies at the moment. You walk around rocking whichever toy is your ‘baby’ at the time (often it’s your Woody doll), and you mimic the things I used to have to do to get Neave to go to sleep, bouncing and ‘shush’ing away. It’s very cute. Then you tenderly put him to bed and tell us all to be quiet.

5. You love Tiernan’s preschool (more than he does, at the moment), and you walk in as though you own the place, say hello to everyone and then join the bigger kids at whatever activity takes your fancy. Super confident. I’m sure you wouldn’t care if I left you there for the day.

6. The cute things you say. Like, “Dofferty Didor” (Dorothy the Dinosaur), “Capadord” (Captain Feathersword), and “No, I busy moment!” (which is often uttered when I’ve asked you to do something). You also have this funny Italian lilt – you put ‘a’ on the end of many words, so you say things such as, “I like-a do-a that-a one!”

7.  You tend towards the melodramatic, which is cute now but may not be in the future. You don’t like anyone telling you not to do something. When this happens, you start gulping and you stick your bottom lip right out, in a big frown, and you may even moan pathetically, squeezing out a single tear, all the while staring accusingly from beneath your long lashes. It’s hilarious. When all this melodrama doesn’t have the desired effect, you resort to throwing a tantrum. Which also doesn’t work, but you haven’t figured that out yet. Sometimes you run to the parent-who-did-not-cross-words-with-you, and petition for sympathy there, refusing to have any contact with the guilty party until you get distracted and forget about the whole thing. Or, when the ‘good’ parent dares tell you ‘no’ to something else.

8. You absolutely love puzzles, and while I’m getting rather sick of doing the same ones over and over with you, at least I can see that you are improving with each go. You can even do some of the easier ones by yourself. I look forward to doing puzzles with you (that are challenging for me, too) when you are older. On rainy days, in front of the heater, with hot chocolate. Like I used to do them with my Mum.

9. Your singing and dancing is still so very, very cute!

10. Your big belly laugh that you do when you’re being tickled. It’s very infectious. Also, the forced chuckle you do when you’re trying to be funny. Even the laugh you do when you’re joining in with everyone else laughing, even though you have no idea what was so funny. You just think laughing is funny. And it is.

Things I don’t love so much:

1. Still with the shrieking! Even though your vocabulary has grown, you still resort to venting your annoyance with an ear-piercing shriek. Sets my teeth on edge, that does.

2. Still with the “No, I do it!” that makes it take twice as long to do anything as it should because you won’t accept any help with things like putting shoes and socks on, and brushing your teeth. You still can’t actually do these things yet, no matter how long I let you try, so then I have to convince you that ten minutes’ practise is long enough and can I please just do it for you now so we can go???

3. The way you only half-chew things (like sausages, apples, anything that is even the slightest bit chewy or crunchy), before spitting them out all over your plate and then declaring that you are finished. Or, if the whim takes you, you will spit them on the floor. Apples I can understand as you have never been able to swallow them, anyway. But sausages? They’re already soft! It’s just really gross.

4. You will only eat things if they have honey on them. You are obsessed with honey. For breakfast you always insist on “Honey weet-bix pease and honey on a toast!” Whenever I put anything in front of you, you always ask, “Got honey on it?” I have started to lie and say yes, because at least then you will try it! For dinner the other night we had ‘honey’ chicken, ‘honey’ carrots, ‘honey’ zucchini and ‘honey’ mashed potato. You ate it all and told me it was yummy!

5. Your afternoon sleep is getting later and later, which makes me worry that you might decide you don’t want it soon. Please don’t do that to me!

6. You are still rather horrible to poor Neave, at times. .

7. We need to get more ‘Charlie and Lola’ books, because we only have one and I am sick to death of reading it!!!! I try to skip bits, but you know the bloody thing backwards and you always pick me up on it. I did overhear you reading it to yourself once, which was lovely, but I had to back away quickly before you noticed me, in case you asked me to read it for you when you were done! (Don’t get me wrong, I do love ‘Charlie and Lola’, but enough is enough).

8. Oh that temper of yours! You melt-down quite frequently, and the sheer volume of your hysteria is astounding. I’m sure it can be heard from the next suburb.

9. Hair and teeth-brushing battles. Need I say more?

Despite all of this, you are an all-round gorgeous girl, and I love you so much. xxx

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