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Tim Minchin love

Posted on: April 13, 2011

Neave is sleeping much better these days, with help from her little lamb’s wool bear, which she has become very attached to. So attached that we are about to buy her a second one, so that she won’t notice when we wash it – it has built up quite a coating of Vegemite, drool and the odd spew along the way…

Anyway, I saw Tim Minchin on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival show on Channel 10, and it reminded me of those long nights spent doing exactly what he describes in the song. It was only a matter of months ago, but we have come a long way!


I love Tim Minchin. Funny and incredibly talented!

3 Responses to "Tim Minchin love"

Thanks so much for this link! We had a shocker of a night last night so it was just the thing to listen to this morning. I saw Tim live last year. So great.

Hi Madeline,
It made me laugh so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Ironically, Neave had a crap night last night, too – payback for daring to mention how good she’s been lately. Massive spew on her bear meant we HAD to wash it, so she kept waking up all night looking for it. I’m so glad I had something funny to think about in the wee hours!

That is sooo funny and sooooo true (well the essence of it anyway)!! love it!

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