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Happy 1st Birthday, Neave!

Posted on: April 21, 2011

Some photos from the party… so annoying, I can’t find my camera battery charger anywhere. Luckily, I took a couple of pics with my phone, and one of our friends took some great shots, too. So here they are!

Toadstool cake (or mushroom cake, as the kids called it).

Bunnies for her day care party.

The birthday girl with her Aunty Kate.

Molly taking a deep breath for a big blow!

Tiernan… being Tiernan!

And my favourite! We call this her ‘Japanese face’ (as in Japanese animation – you know how the characters in Japanese cartoons scrunch up their faces when they smile, and their eyes look like little crescent moons, turned on their sides? Well that’s what Neave does. She’s Sailor Moon.)

Thanks for the beautiful photos, Dan!

4 Responses to "Happy 1st Birthday, Neave!"

ooohh…the bunnies are so cute! well done! Very appropriate for easter too…

I heard about your mushroom house cake through Christ. He said it was AMAZING!

Oops – that’s Chris not Christ!

Ha, that made me laugh, Nicole – I didn’t realise you and Christ were so close!

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