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10 things about Neave, aged 12 months

Posted on: April 27, 2011

Oh Neave, I can’t believe you’re 1! You are THE most adorable 1-year-old I know.

1. I love your beautiful smile. When you smile, your whole face lights up, your nose crinkles and you sometimes even scrunch up your eyes in your very own Sailor Moon impersonation. It is heart-meltingly cute!

2. You are very interactive now, and playing with you is so much fun. You love to copy us when we clap, wave and dance. You seem to learn things very quickly, only needing to be shown a new ‘trick’ once or twice before you try it yourself. I love watching you try to figure out how things work, pressing buttons, opening and shutting things, moving toys from one container to another.

3. I love listening to you explore your voice. No words yet (unless you count Mama and Dada), but you love chatting away to us in your own language. Every now and then you give us a good serve for something that isn’t to your liking, but mostly your musings are reserved for expressing how content you are with life in general.

4.  You are so, so close to walking! This week you have been letting go of the furniture and standing unsupported, usually whilst waving a toy around. You will walk while holding our hands now (you never used to), but as soon as we let go, you decide to sit down. Won’t be long until you’re zooming around, though!

5. You are so good at eating now. It seems like ages ago that we were having such a hard time getting you to eat anything, but now you are very happy to eat just about anything. Even with no teeth (not a single one!) you chew and swallow most foods with no trouble at all. Your favourite foods are sausages, rice cakes, bananas, carrots and baked beans. You also just had your first taste of chocolate over Easter, and you were pretty impressed.

6. I love how ticklish you are. Your chuckle is infectious and you fold yourself up into a ball while you laugh.

7. You are (generally) a very content little thing. You do get a bit clingy when you are hungry or tired, but otherwise you are quite happy to just go with the flow.

8. You love your brother and sister (when they aren’t being horrible to you). I love how you watch them and interact with them. It’s especially cute to see you and Tiernan make faces and laugh at each other in the car – you can see him in the back row because you are still facing rearwards in your seat.

9. Your most favourite things in the world are your flat-teddy (made from lamb’s wool), and your blanket. You go to sleep with them every night, and you like to keep them close to you during the day, too. You also love to pounce and dive into other soft things, like cushions, couches and soft toys. It’s very funny to watch.

10. Finally, you are sleeping through the night. Hurray for night-weaning! Hurray for a full-night’s sleep!

Gosh, you’re even cute when you’re putting it on!

I have but one gripe. You don’t sit still in your high chair to eat – you wriggle and squirm and try to get out. You’ve even stood up and fallen out twice, which is dreadful, but you haven’t learnt your lesson and you still insist on trying to stand up. As a result, you are eating more and more of your meals on the floor these days!

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