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Second breakfast.

Posted on: May 2, 2011

I had very little sleep last night. Now I’m cranky.

I’m worse than a bear with a sore tooth.

I’m like a cranky Mama Bear with a sore tooth who also hasn’t had any sleep.

Neave must be teething.

I’m writing this as I make ‘second breakfast’, at 9:30am. Tiernan missed the first one, at 6:20, but Molly, Neave and I were there.

“Mummy, it’s dark!” said Molly. That’s because it’s too fricken early. I responded, telepathically.

After breakfast, Neave and I went back to bed.  The Pooh Bear DVD babysat Molly.

Then Tiernan got up and started demanding things.

It got ugly.

I yelled at him for going into the bathroom. He just wanted to wee.

I hid in my room until I could be reasonable.

This morning, motherhood most definitely sucks.

But I’m trying. We’re starting again with second breakfast.

4 Responses to "Second breakfast."

Oh you poor dear. At least you have the presence of mind to hide in your room. I just stomp about the house ranting when I’m in such a mood.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one. And yes I wish I had the sense of mind to sit in my room. Normally I scream and Raleigh apologises or hugs me and I feel sooo awful.

must have been a night for it…I’ve been awake since 2.30am…patience wore thin pretty quick with a certain grisly boy who constantly demanded “food, food FOOD”! Does a 1 year old seriously eat that much?!

Oh no, you poor thing! Hmm, my current 1 year old doesn’t eat heaps, but my two former-1-year-olds ate like horses at that age. They still do. But not in the middle of the night. They slept. Unlike this one.
That probably doesn’t help you much… can you get him to eat more at dinner? Or have a big drink of milk before bed?
They’re tricky, aren’t they.
I hope things are better quickly!

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