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Stuff we’ve been doing lately…

Posted on: May 25, 2011

I’m just going to lump some photos together from the last couple of months. Haven’t got time to do it properly!!

Neave looking very grown up indeed! And a lot like me, actually. Doesn’t happen much, she mostly looks like Tom’s side of the family.

I got all excited about a beach scene that we saw on Playschool, so we gave it a go…

I call Tiernan’s one ‘Beach Massacre’. Because that’s basically what it is. See all the red – that’s zebra blood, apparently. Some hunters shot the poor thing on the beach, next to a sandcastle. Horrific. Maybe it’s because he’s turning four, but Tiernan is suddenly fascinated by blood, guns and death. What the? Where the heck does it come from??? Did he invent all this gore on his own, or has he picked it up somewhere… I just don’t know. Not sure I’m dealing with it the best either – I’ve told him we don’t use the word ‘kill’ in our house, and we don’t pretend to shoot things, either. But still it continues. Hmm.

A Quiche. Made by moi. Pastry and all. Delicious! I made it for my grandmother, Ma, who came for lunch just before Mother’s Day. She lives quite close to us, but we hardly ever see her. It’s really my fault for being so slack. Sure, she’s just a little loopy sometimes, but she’s my Ma and she deserves the chance to know her great-grandchildren. I spent the entire visit feeling extremely guilty that the kids barely knew her and basically regarded her as a stranger. I’ve resolved to do lunch with Ma way more often in future.

Neave is learning to feed herself. With predictable results…

Weetbix. Hence, shower time is now immediately after breakfast.

I thought these trolleys were brilliant for about five minutes. The looks of panic on the faces of the elderly shoppers we shared aisles with were very telling. I finally breathed again when we made it to the check-out and returned them. No broken bones.

Tiernan and Molly made a nest for Elle to lay her eggs in. Tiernan was very disappointed to learn that cats don’t lay eggs.

Crocodile dress-up for preschool today.

Raaaaaaar! I’m rather impressed with my costume design, I must say.

1 Response to "Stuff we’ve been doing lately…"

It is strange how their focus changes isn’t it? I’ve been hearing all about death from Scarlett lately, and she says she’s going to kill us when she’s really mad. They obviously don’t understand it quite what it all means. I love that crocodile costume!

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