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More about Pyloric Stenosis

Posted on: May 30, 2011

I recently wrote about a family member’s struggle with Pyloric Stenosis, here. PS is a condition that develops in infants, in which the exit from the stomach to the intestines becomes blocked, meaning the baby is unable to digest its food. Since posting this personal story, I have noticed that some ‘googlers’ have been lead to my site, using search terms such as ‘Pyloric Stenosis’ and ‘vomiting in babies’. Whilst reading personal accounts of the condition can be helpful, I think I should take this opportunity to provide links to some other websites with information about Pyloric Stenosis.

If you think your baby may have Pyloric Stenosis, it’s important that you arm yourself with all the information you can so that you are more confident when seeking advice from a doctor. Unfortunately, despite PS being a relatively common condition, it is not unusual for babies with this condition to be misdiagnosed with reflux. If you are not happy with your doctor’s assessment of your baby, show him or her the information you have, and insist on another opinion. If your baby is projectile vomiting, is not gaining enough weight, is losing weight, and looks unwell, then it is highly unlikely he or she simply has reflux. Ask for an ultrasound to help rule out Pyloric Stenosis first.

Here are some websites with useful information regarding symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Pyloric Stenosis:

Kidshealth – Pyloric Stenosis factsheet

Medline Plus – Pyloric Stenosis

Also, Fred, a survivor of infant Pyloric Stenosis, has done a lot of research into the condition. His blog includes information about Pyloric Stenosis, as well as stories from other parents who struggled to have their babies correctly diagnosed and treated for PS.

Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? I think some doctors need to recognise that they aren’t the only ones with access to information (and therefore power) anymore.

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