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10 things about Molly, aged 2 and 3/4

Posted on: July 22, 2011

10 of my favourite things about Molly:

1. You’re sleeping in a bed! We figured it was time to try it again when you started climbing out of your cot a couple of months ago, so we converted it to a junior bed, and you love it. You’ve adapted to your new freedom really well – I think I’ve had to take you back to bed only two or three times since you started sleeping in it, which is completely amazing. It also means you can climb into bed with us during the night if you want, which is nice, but squishy if Tiernan is already in with us!

2. You are adding more and more songs to your repertoire, and I think there’s nothing cuter than listening to you sing them, in your beautiful little chipmunk voice.

3. You listen and understand so much now, which means we can now do so much more together, like play games with ‘rules’ (vague ones!). We played backyard cricket the other day, and you were great at bowling. Your throwing was scarily accurate, and you were getting just enough bounce so that Tiernan could hit the ball. It was a lot of fun, and I had to pinch myself a few times because I didn’t ever imagine that I would be the one out the back with the kids, playing cricket! I also can’t believe how much you have grown up, in such a short time.

4. You love to draw and play with stickers, and you are getting better at peeling the stickers off by yourself (yay!). I’ve noticed that your pencil grip is really improving, and that you are equally good at drawing with either hand. I wonder whether you might even be a lefty (although it’s not likely – there are none in the family so far). You like putting faces on everything, and your favourite things to draw are ghosts:

5. I can’t thank you enough for not dropping your day sleep yet. You threatened to a little while back, but (fingers crossed) you still haven’t. Lovely.

6. You love bath and shower time, so we rarely have to do battle with you over having a wash (unlike your brother). You also get out of the bath quite readily, after a sufficient soaking, so the whole process is pretty easy with you, which I love.

7. Your language and expression is improving every day, and you are coming out with more ‘original material’, rather than just repeating what everyone else says. This morning, your Dad asked you for a kiss, and you replied in a very cheeky voice, “Pick me up, tickle me and put me upside down!”

8. You love finding your “M for Mowy” everywhere, but you do get confused with ‘N’ sometimes and get annoyed when we try to tell you it’s ‘N for Neave!’ You also recognise ‘T for Tiernan’, and some numbers (2, 3 and 7, oddly).

9. I love listening to your imaginative play. Your dolls/teddies/figurines often repeat conversations that we’ve been having, which is your way of processing that information. I think you are quite intuitive, for a two-year-old – you seem to be able to pick up on other people’s emotions fairly well. When you know one of us is upset with you, you ask, “Are you naughty to me?” You want us to tell you it’s okay and that we will be ‘happy’ to you again soon!

10. Yesterday you asked your Dad to put your Dora watch on your Lumpy the Heffalump, whom you call ‘Grumpy’, so that he could have a helmet just like yours. Pure genious!

Now, 8 of my least favourite:

1. Oh my gosh, the tantrums! They were bad before, but now they are definitely worse. And they go forever. A few weeks ago, we attempted to take a stroll around the regatta centre, but you started throwing a fit after about five minutes, and it didn’t end until we gave up and called it a day, an hour later.

2. The squealing and shrieking. Again, worse. It’s your immediate response to almost everything, especially anything that Tiernan does. Recently (on a really bad day, when I was suffering from PMT for the first time in yonks), you shrieked so much at me that I lost the plot and shrieked back at you. It had the desired effect (you shut up immediately), but I felt terrible about it and spent the rest of the day trying to make up for being a ‘bad’ Mum. The shrieking resumed after an hour, so obviously you weren’t too badly affected by my outburst. I haven’t resorted to yelling at you since, but it definitely sets my teeth on edge. Enough already!

3. The way you lick Neave instead of kissing her. All over her head. Ugh!

4. The mean and nasty things you do to Neave when I’m not looking. I also wish you wouldn’t yell at everyone all the time. Even worse – you yell in my exact tone of voice, using my exact words, which is really awful and a bit of an eye-opener. While I don’t yell very often, I have to admit I do yell more than I really should. You have memorised a few choice samples, which you like to repeat to everyone, eg. “Tiernan, go to your room….. NOW!”

5. It’s kind of funny when you sulk – you stick your bottom lip out, put your head down, close your eyes, and refuse to talk to anyone. But when it lasts for more than five minutes, I get pretty impatient with it.

6. I knew this one would make it to the ‘annoying’ list eventually – you insist on doing everything yourself, which is great because I want you to be independent… but sometimes it really sucks. Like when I am trying to get us all out the door so I can drop everyone off and go to work.

7.  You seem to hate going for walks. We get about 50m down the road before you’re asking me to carry you. When I tell you I can’t because I’m pushing the stroller, you go into meltdown and refuse to budge. I have to coax every single little step out of you, and then wait (with varying degrees of patience) while you meltdown again. With both double-prams out of action for quite some time now, walking anywhere has become a torturous exercise for all involved: Tiernan, because he wants to go faster and is sick of running backwards and forwards and waiting for us; Neave because she’s in the stoller and wants to keep moving, or get out; Me because I want to throw a big tantrum, or walk away and leave you, or both. At least two of us are in tears by the time we get back. Not fun at all.

8. You like to play favourites a lot, especially if you are tired. So you will refuse to get dressed, brush your teeth, have your nappy changed, put your shoes on, etc. until your ‘favourite’ (your Dad or I), does these things with you. And you always pick the one of us who is right in the middle of doing something else, or whose turn it is to not do these things. Grr. I hope you grow out of it soon.

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