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Tiernan on a roll

Posted on: July 26, 2011

To a stranger at the park: “I live at Mt Riverboo. It’s sort of where the jungle is.”

In the supermarket carpark: “Mummy, look it’s a pirate! A pirate!”, referring to a man with a parrot on his shoulder (and thankfully, not somebody with one eye or a peg-leg! Could have been awkward).

To the check-out assistant: “Can I have the recipe?” (Receipt).

“They’re making a carnivore! No Mummy, CARN-I-VORE, not carnival!”, referring to an episode of Olivia.

2 Responses to "Tiernan on a roll"

I prepare myself for public humiliation every time I leave the house! Scarlett said of a dreadlocked lady in the supermarket “she looks like Boy George mummy”, not realising not everyone would see that as a compliment (as she does).

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