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10 things about Neave, aged 16 months

Posted on: August 16, 2011

Oh Neave. You just couldn’t be any cuter. You’re still in the ‘can do no wrong’ stage: you’re cheeky enough to be charming, but not so naughty that you test my patience. A perfect balance. Soon it will wear off, but I’m enjoying it while I can.

1.  You have mastered walking now, and I love watching you do it. You remind me of a chimp, the way you hold your arms and waddle from side to side.

2. I love watching you eat. You grab a handful of food, and shove it right into your gob. Then you manipulate your fingers individually to make sure you get every last bit in there. Very messy, but you’re slowly getting better. In fact, you’ve improved so much that I now just let you go for it on your own at every mealtime. The mess is worth the entertainment you provide when feeding yourself!

3. I love how adventurous you are. Even before you were walking, you were climbing onto the couch, the coffee table, the windowsill(!) The first thing you do each morning when you get out of bed is point outside and say “Hm!”, meaning, “Take me out to play, please!” You absolutely LOVE going outside – you smile and laugh and have a go at everything on offer. You don’t seem to be afraid of anything. Recently at the park, I watched you climb a 6ft staircase, then hurl yourself down a very steep, curly slippery dip, spinning and rolling the whole way down. At the bottom you laughed, jumped up and headed straight back up again, having the time of your life. No wonder you are always covered in bruises.

4. I love the way you mimic so much of what we do. You pick up the phone and hold it to you ear and ‘chat’; you brush your hair with the brush; you stir the spoon in the bowl to ‘cook’; you give kisses and wave goodbye. You put a play handbag on your arm and walk around waving (just like Molly does when she is ‘going shopping’). You are totally adorable, and you always surprise me with how switched on you are. You are very observant, and keen to try everything you see.

5. I love your cuddles. You often come to me during the day, wanting nothing more than a nice cuddle. You wrap your arms around my neck, put your head on my shoulder and make contented little noises. I will never, ever get tired of these. Keep them coming! You also love giving/receiving cuddles and kisses with your brother and sister. They adore you, and you them.

6. I love how you walk around the house humming merrily to yourself. You also like to join in with any singing that’s going on, adding your own improvised tune and lyrics in gibberish. You automatically start swaying and bopping when you hear music.

7. You are quite good at keeping yourself entertained – finding toys for yourself, or finding new and interesting ways to play with things that aren’t toys (such as plastic bottles, remote controls, shoes…) Every now and then, you will bring me a book that you want me to read to you. Or that you just want me to watch you open and shut on your own, because sometimes that’s way more fun!

8. I love how you say “Mum Mum Mum” a lot. You probably don’t always mean me, but I think you do at least some of the time. Your first words are starting to emerge: you’ve said, “Hello” (or ‘Haalaa’) a few times, in response to our “Hellos”; when you’re having fun you say, “Yay Yay Yay Yay”, over and over; and on the swing you say, “Eeeeeeeeeee!”

9. I love that you’re still interested in your morning breastfeed, but not in a demanding or stifling way. If I’m not there, or if we don’t have time before work/daycare, then it’s no big deal, you just wait until the afternoon. I didn’t think I’d still be breastfeeding you at this age – Tiernan and Molly both weaned themselves at exactly 12 months (but my being pregnant probably had something to do with that). And I was very happy for them to stop breastfeeding by then, too. This time, there doesn’t really seem to be any reason why we shouldn’t keep it up a bit longer. At this point, I don’t think you’d really mind if I stopped offering you the breast each morning (which definitely wasn’t the case about a month ago!), but the fact that I’m still breastfeeding really isn’t bothering me as much as I thought it would, and I think I’d be quite sad to let it go… you are my last baby, after all.

10. I love that you are still happy to just go along with whatever we’re doing. Sometimes, despite my best efforts to plan around our family’s various sleep patterns, we end up being out and about when you really should be at home asleep. But you’re cool with that. You just hang out with us and enjoy whatever it is that we’re doing, and you don’t completely freak out and lose the plot because you’re over tired. Unlike some siblings that will remain nameless. So, thanks for that, Neave!

Hmm… let me think. Well, yes, there are just a couple of things I could mention that I don’t love as much:

A tantrum. On a shopping centre floor.

1. The 1-year-old-tantrums that you are perfecting (complete with back-arching, leg-thrashing, head-banging and of course, lots of noise). These are possibly worse than the (much, much louder) tantrums your sister throws, because at least I can reason Molly out of hers, sometimes. With you, it’s just a matter of waiting until you give up. Which can take a while!

2. Nappy changing. You are the wiggliest wiggle worm I’ve ever met. I’ve never been tempted to buy expensive pull-up nappies before (do they even make them in your size???), but now I’m definitely weighing up the pros and cons, because trying to wrestle you into a nappy several times a day is just not fun.

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