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Darling Harbour

Posted on: September 4, 2011

Last Friday, both Tom and I had a day off work, and so we took the kids down to Darling Harbour for the afternoon. We had a vague plan to maybe visit the Powerhouse Museum, but we never got there. The sun was shining and the fountains were calling.

Our three children enthusiastically answered the call.

They were so thoroughly soaked afterwards that we had to traipse bare-legged (the kids, not us) through Darling Harbour to Paddy’s Markets for some new strides. We certainly got some second glances along the way! But hey, the joy on their faces was made it worthwhile.

We then took a ride on the monorail (or, as Tiernan called it, the train in the sky), had some ice-cream, chased some seagulls, and then headed for home. Not surprisingly, all three were asleep in the car within minutes of leaving the CBD. The real miracle was that they all remained asleep when we transferred them into bed, fully clothed and sticky from the ice-cream.

The perfect end to a lovely day. Because they’re always just that little bit more loveable when they’re sleeping.

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I love your last comment. I find myself so often thinking that!

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