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Posted on: October 9, 2011

I dragged the kids out for a walk this morning. Literally dragged. The older two hate walking, but I was rejoicing at the first bit of blue sky we’ve seen in weeks, and was bursting at the seems to get out. Plus, I’m so sick of trying to find indoor entertainment for them. So I told them tough luck, we’re going.

Once we got going, Molly and Tiernan finally got into it. They splashed in puddles. They read letterbox numbers. They hid behind trees. I actually thought Tiernan had disappeared for a moment – I had stopped to encourage Molly along (she’s rather slow), and when I looked up I couldn’t see Tiernan. He was behind a bush, but the colour of his shirt (grey and purpley-brown with strips) camouflaged him nicely and I didn’t see him at first. When I pointed it out to him, he was very excited, and ‘camouflaged’ all the way home. Molly tried her best, but as she was wearing fluro pink she didn’t really have much hope. Except for when we found a nice pink hydrangea bush.

Tiernan also had fun reading the numbers on the letter boxes as we walked along. Especially when they had a 4 in them, ‘his’ number. Then he asked, “Why do I have a number 4 and a number T?” I explained that 4 was his age, which would change every year as he grew older, but his initial letter, T, would always stay the same. Unless he changed his name when he was older, I added as an afterthought. To which Tiernan replied:

“I do want to change my name when I’m older.”

“Oh. What will you change it to?” I asked.

“T-Rocks.” He replied, without hesitation. Obviously he’s thought this through.

3 Responses to "T-Rocks!"

…is he intentionally punning on t-rex? That would make it even more awesome. What a clever kid!

Well… he is pretty obsessed with dinosaurs, especially T-Rex. And while he is pretty clever, I don’t think I can claim he did it on purpose. ‘Rocks’ isn’t a word that is usually in his vocab (as an adjective). But after he said it, I think he realised it was kinda cool because it sounded like t-rex anyway. Funny guy!

That’s cute. My husband as a child wanted to change his name to Steve.

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