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10 things about Neave, age 18 months (and a bit)

Posted on: November 3, 2011

Neave, you are just a bundle of cute. Everyone says so. You can do no wrong. Even when you are a bit naughty, it’s cute. I know this won’t last, so I’m enjoying it.

1. You are exploding with words. New ones every day. Here are some words that you’ve used a lot, and some you’ve only used once or twice so far: hello (first word), ball (second word), cat, puppy, teddy, owa (shower), uh-oh, yay yay yay (yay!), Mummy, Daddy (which sometimes means Mummy, or ‘pick me up Mummy’), num (yummy), ot (hot), at (hat), ow, miaow (which sounds like ‘ow’, too), pubble (puzzle; or sometimes, when said whilst pointing at toy shelves, it means “get me that please”), doo (shoe), ‘eeeeeeeeeee’ (“food now pleeeeeeeease”, which you’ve picked up from your siblings), ‘eeeeeese’ (cheese, whenever you see a camera).

2. You have a game where you touch your teddy’s nose, then you touch my nose, and when I ask where Neavie’s nose is, you poke yourself in the eye. Hilarious!

3. You totally get routines. You know that after breakfast, we get dressed, so you help by starting to take your clothes off, and then collecting everyone’s shoes for them. Then you pick up your teddy and blanket, fetch your hat from the hat drawer and put it on, and then stand ready at the front door. Whether we are going out or not. When I go into the kitchen to prepare food, you play happily while waiting (for the most part), but as soon as I approach the gate to yell out “dinner’s ready!”, you immediately drop everything and rush over. You know that milk + story = bedtime soon. Which you’re cool with – you love bed.

4. Like your brother and sister before you, you love to dance and sing. At the slightest hint of music, you’re up and shaking your hips. Then you stamp. Then you twirl in circles. Then you clap. And laugh. Totally adorable.

5. You love ‘counting’ – pointing at objects and mimicking the sounds we all make when we count, along the lines of: mun, do, wee, wor, dine!

6. We were at the doctor’s surgery waiting room recently, and you charmed everyone by playing a game with a man sitting near us. You walked up to him, waited in front of him until you caught his eye, gave him a big grin and ran away. Then you did it again, with an even bigger grin. And again and again and again.

7. It’s pretty superficial of me, but I kinda love getting comments about your beautiful, red hair everywhere we go. And your cuteness. Because you are cute, and it’s nice that I’m not the only one who thinks so. (For the record, Molly and Tiernan also used to get these comments at your age. Not playing favourites here!)

8. You are pretty relaxed when it comes to your daytime sleep. If you are tired but we have to go out, sometimes you will fall asleep, and sometimes you won’t. The wonderful thing is that you don’t do that typical toddler thing of getting horribly, horribly cranky while we are out. You just get quiet and observe your surroundings calmly. We’ve even been to playgroup when I’ve known you’d much rather be sleeping. But you just played quietly to yourself. No drama. Then fell asleep in the car on the way home. This was definitely not the case with some other kids I know.

9. You love to do whatever everyone else is doing. Drawing, puzzles, reading, climbing, playing, jumping on the bed… whatever. You want to be part of the action. So you join in, in whatever capacity you are able to. You’re a pretty quick learner, so it won’t be long before you’re doing everything the bigger kids are doing for real. Gulp.

10. You still give lovely, lovely cuddles. Sometimes you climb into my lap and lean back against me. Sometimes you want me to pick you up, then you throw your arms around my neck and squeeze tight. Love it.

Not as much fun…

1. You HATE having your teeth brushed. When we first started, you thought it was amusing. Hilarious, actually. But now, you clamp your mouth shut and make it as difficult as possible. I end up having to wrap my arms around you to keep your hands down, and shove the toothbrush in there. And you scream. Really not fun.

2. You’re pretty hard to read to. You constantly turn the page and then get upset when I try to backtrack to make sense of the story. You wriggle and squirm, climb in and out of my lap… It’s all pretty frustrating and not very enjoyable.

3. You’ve learnt how to squeal. I didn’t think it was possible that someone in this world could be louder or  than Molly, but here you are. Luckily, you’ve not yet realised how much power that squeal will eventually give you. So you don’t use it much. Yet.

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