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Christmas 2011

Posted on: December 29, 2011

Pics from the lead-up, and the aftermath!

Decorating the tree. Last year, we bought a plastic tree for the first time (for me). I resisted for so long because I just love the smell of a real pine tree. It brings back many happy memories of Christmas’ past. However, I will admit that I like the convenience of a fake tree. No mess. Easy to put up. And you can get it out in early December, instead of waiting until the week before Christmas, because it won’t dry up and turn brown!

We made this Advent Calendar. The red squares were envelopes with a decoration inside, and a different activity suggested for every day. I’ll admit that I cheated outrageously, changing the day’s activities to suit myself, or for the sake of convenience. I love that my kids can’t read yet. However, we did do something fun every day, or sometimes two fun things on the same day to make up for a missed day here and there. The calendar added another exciting element to the Christmas count-down, and the kids loved seeing the number of sleeps until Santa comes get smaller and smaller and smaller with each day.

Here it is with only three sleeps to go!

Two gorgeous elves.

Christmas nails.

Homemade Christmas cards that we sent to family, friends and neighbours.

Santa’s been!

Christmas morning, getting busy opening presents.

The big one, the mother of all trampolines! We knew it would be 12 feet wide (it said so on the box). But who knew just how big 12 feet actually is? Hmm. Well, it should last them, like, forever!

Is this not the cutest little table you’ve ever seen? It was a present from my Mum. I think they love it almost as much as I do.

Over Christmas, the kids have fallen into a disturbing pattern of falling asleep very late in the afternoon, and then not being able to go to bed until after 10pm. Then they sleep in the following morning, and the pattern repeats. This makes for very tired, cranky parents who just want their quiet evenings back. So, in attempt to break the routine, we took them all out for the entire day yesterday, and kept them really busy so there was no time for sleep during the day. It worked, they were all in bed by 7:30pm, and we could relaaaaaax. One of our stops was this great indoor play area in Katoomba. Entry was half the price of the ones in Penrith, and the kids pretty much had the place entirely to themselves. Brilliant! That’s Molly right at the very top of the castle.

We also took the kids to see the Three Sisters in Katoomba. On our way there, they were fascinated when I told them the Aboriginal Dreaming story about the Three Sisters. I remember being similarly enthralled by this story as a child, and so visits to the Three Sisters always felt kind of spooky and thrilling at the same time. I remember hoping to catch a glimpse of the poor witch doctor, trapped in his Lyrebird disguise as he searched for his magic bone in order to restore his three daughters to their human forms. The thought of running into the bunyip made the visit just a little bit scary, though. To me, there has always been something magical about visiting this place, and I was hoping to imbue some of this sentiment into my own kids. Unfortunately, by the time we actually got to see them, the kids were very hot, cranky and tired, and so the element of mystery was lost. Perhaps when they’re a little older.

The best part about Christmas is getting time to relax! I’ve been reading, doing puzzles, watching TV and not worrying about getting up early in the morning. I’ve also been indulging in the occasional cocktail, which makes everything feel festive and holiday-ish, evening if we are mostly bumming around at home.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

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