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Pics from November and early December 2011

Posted on: December 29, 2011

It’s been a busy couple of months, and I have way too many photos from November, December and Christmas to squeeze into one post. So this is Part 1, with Christmas photos to follow.

Tom’s birthday cake, a Nigella Lawson Butterschotch Cake. I had to make caramel. It took two goes, but I did it. Yummo!

We made banana ‘ice-cream’, with the single ingredient being overripe bananas that had been cut into chunks and then frozen. We then put them in the food processor until they were smooth and ice-creamy in texture. Brilliant on a hot day.

Three cheeky monkeys.

A family outing to the zoo. Here they are on the train trip to the city, with Nanny and their cousins.

View from the ferry.

Another cake, this time for my sister and her partner, who had a music icon-themed birthday party in December. The cake was white chocolate mud, covered in white chocolate ganache. The models were made from fondant. It was fun! And yummy.

Tom and I at Rosie Beaton’s last ever broadcast for Triple J, live at Sydney Uni’s Manning Bar. We had a great time, seeing live music together – it’s been years! The night ended a little earlier than we’d hoped, as we had to return home to vomiting children. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!


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