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10 things about Molly, aged 3 and three months

Posted on: December 30, 2011

Flapping your fairy wings

Good stuff:

1. Three months ago I wrote about how overjoyed I was that you were toilet trained, and that it was easy and that it didn’t take very long for you to be super confident and accident-free. Well… it’s been a long three months! It seems I jumped the gun a little – we’ve see-sawed through accident-free periods that have lasted up to two weeks, and then back to multiple-accidents-every-day periods that have lasted up to three weeks! It’s been quite frustrating for everyone involved. However, I’m (tentatively) optimistic (just a little bit), that it might be over now… yay? I guess we’ll find out.

2. Santa brought us some board games and new puzzles for Christmas, and I’ve really enjoyed spending time playing them with you, and Tiernan. I was getting pretty sick of the old puzzles, which you have loved to death. And it’s fun to play some structured games, with rules, every now and then. It’s less taxing on the imagination (for me)! The fact that you can even play these games shows how much you are growing up.

3. Soon, you’ll be starting preschool. Every second week, you’ll be going on the same day as Tiernan, and on the other weeks, you’ll be going on a different day. I know, confusing. But it was the only way we could do it, as you’re still both going to Family Day Care one day per week, and there are limited spaces. It’s taken me ages to get my head around the crazy schedule, but we’ll see how we go. I think you are going to love preschool. You are much more confident than Tiernan, sometimes. I think having him there sometimes will help you to settle in. Wow, my baby girl is starting preschool. Exciting!

4. I’ve very much enjoyed watching you jump on your new trampoline with Tiernan and Neave. You are like a little kangaroo, the way you hop with both feet together, and your arms out in front for balance. Super cute.

5. You also got a microphone for Christmas, from Dan, and you’ve been treating us with ‘concents’, as you call them, ever since. Your favourite numbers to sing to us are ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’, and ‘Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer’. By the way, sometimes when you’re watching TV, your current favourite show, ‘Ra Ra the Lion’ comes on, and I love listening to you sing the theme song, with your strong Aussie accent. “It’s the jingley jangley jungle noyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyse. Ra Ra!”

6. Just like Tiernan, you’ve also had a growth spurt recently, and suddenly you’re tall enough to do lots of things you couldn’t before. Like reach the pedals on the trike at Nanny and Poppy’s, and see yourself in the bathroom mirror. You’ve noticed too, and even commented, “I’m growing up like Tiernan!”

7. You’ve been fairly cool, calm and collected the last few days, and it’s been mighty nice. It’s probably not a permanent thing. You’ve still been having the usual amount of meltdowns, but in between you’ve been extra sweet and lovely for some reason. Maybe it’s because Neave has been making more than enough noise lately, as she is teething (or she’s broken or something) at the moment. Anyway, it’s been nice while it’s lasted!

8. Every morning when you wake up, I ask you how you slept and how you’re feeling today. Your answer, without fail, is always, “Not very good. I’m stick today. I’ve got coughs.” Then you give two, pathetic little fake coughs, and come to me for a cuddle. Funny girl.

9. You are so very cute when you’re asleep.

10. You got a little Sylvanian Families set for Christmas from your Uncle and Aunty, and you are besotted by Betty Blackberry, the cafe-owning bunny. I am too. She’s got a little stall set up, with tiny little fruits, and two blenders for making smoothies, with four little cups to serve them in. They are so miniscule and precious. And scary. I’m sure they’ll all disappear under the couch, or down Neave’s throat. So we’re saving the little props for special play times, but Betty is out and about daily. (Neave got a little set, too – a fox Mummy and her baby, which Neave also adores). I can’t wait until you’re all a little bigger, and less likely to swallow or lose these things, and then we can get a whole bunch of Sylvanian Families and put them in a house – they are absolutely adorable, and I’m really looking forward to watching you play, and even joining in! Tiernan seems very interested, too, which is nice. Can’t wait.



1. As soon as something doesn’t go your way, you declare, “I hate this.” Or if it’s me that has upset you, by telling  can’t do something, you say, “I hate you, Mummy.” You hate everyone and everything, at least twenty times a day. It’s a bit upsetting, but mostly boring and repetitive, and I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be doing about it. I usually ask you not to talk like that, and try to point out that what you’re saying isn’t true – there is a difference between not liking what someone has said or done, and hating them. But you don’t get it. And you continue to ‘hate’. You’ve even told Neave that you hate her and that you don’t want to be her sister anymore. Five minutes later it’s all forgotten. I remember doing the same thing with my sister, but I’m pretty sure I was older at the time. I hope you grow out of it soon! I will say that your new-found ability to communicate just how much you loathe us all has meant that you scream a lot less. That’s a plus, I guess.

2. Hair brushing is a bit of an issue. You have longish, curly hair that knots up easily. Most days you like to wear it out, which of course makes it more prone to knotting. But you hate having it brushed, because you say it hurts. I’m as gentle as I can be (with a writhing, yelling head-shaking girl), but, inevitably, a tangle will catch and your theory that it always hurts is confirmed. I’ve offered, semi-seriously, to have your hair cut shorter if you hate brushing so much, which you always agree to immediately… and then want to go straight to the hair dresser and get it done right now. However, I fear that you don’t quite understand that, once it’s cut, it will take a really long time to grow back. Plus, I really love your curls! But I suppose, if this really gives us grief for much longer, then we will do it and see how we go.

3. Arguments over clothes! You want to decide what to wear, which is fine by me, except that you always choose a dress… regardless of the weather. With this crappy summer we’ve been having, it’s really not summer-dress weather very often! So, I try to compromise with you by letting you pick the dress, but putting a t-shirt and leggings underneath, which you absolutely detest. We invariably end up in a stand-off, where we can’t leave the house or do anything until you agree to put at least the t-shirt or the leggings on. It takes ages (that stubborn streak!). It’s exhausting. I can’t wait until your hypothalamus matures and you realise that, actually, 18 degrees is not skimpy dress weather!

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