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A little bit shitted to tears…

Posted on: January 10, 2012

You joined forces, pleading to play

Blue eyes beseeching, I can’t ignore

We sit with a puzzle, Dora the Explorer

I watch, proud, as you work together

A perfect team.

We did it, hooray!

Again, again!

But five minutes’ teamwork is one too many

The elder sabotages, the younger whines

I watch the peace shatter, disintegrate


With a sandaled stomp, the elder goes

To ponder, plot, seethe, scheme


The younger creates chaos;

Puzzle pieces, cushions, crayons all fly

Worse, insults and hatred

Wounding, piercing.

Low voice, calm Pick. this. up.

NO! Too tired! The shrieked reply.

Off to bed she goes.

All quiet now, I am alone.

I ponder, plot, seethe and scheme…

A little bit shitted to tears

2 Responses to "A little bit shitted to tears…"

Delightfully put! I experience the same ups and downs daily also. It seems my younger is starting tantrums with wild shrieks when he doesn’t get his way, and my elder is becoming a bit of a dobber. Fun fun!

I really struggle with these situations. “You were playing just fine together five seconds ago!” is something of a common theme around our place. I keep thinking that they’ll eventually learn that they have more fun when they play together, or at least nicely alongside one another – I can hope, right?

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