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We found the Nappy Fairy!

Posted on: January 11, 2012

Okay, so Tiernan wasn’t the easiest kid to toilet-train. It took about a year, from start to finish. During that year, he would show signs of interest for a while, progress slowly to weeing and sometimes pooing on the potty, graduate to full-time undies for three days and manage without any accidents for most of them, and then completely back off and refuse to have anything more to do with it. Back to square one.

This happened several times, and by the time he was 3 and 3 months old, we decided enough was enough. We called in the Nappy Fairy. She came and took all of Tiernan’s nappies away, and gave them to other children who needed them more (she’s generous like that, the Nappy Fairy). In their place, the Nappy Fairy left a big box of bribes I mean prizes, for doing poos and wees on the toilet or potty. It worked a treat, and Tiernan never wore a nappy again after the Nappy Fairy’s visit.

When it came time to teach Molly to use the toilet, I was sure she would be easier, because everyone says girls are, and I knew we wouldn’t have to resort to blatant bribery this time. Except, Molly remembered the Nappy Fairy and her big box of goodies! (A definite downside to having them so close together). She wanted in. There was no way she was going to wee and poo for free! So, the Nappy Fairy came and visited again, and several months later, Molly seems to have got the knack. By the way, sooooooo not easier than Tiernan!

After the Nappy Fairy’s prizes ran out, I really expected never to hear from her again. Neave, being the third, is going to have to learn to use the toilet via osmosis or something, cos I ain’t doing toilet training ever again! (I expect after the trauma of the first two times fades, I will change my mind about this, as changing nappies several times a day isn’t that much fun, either).

Anyway, look who we ran into the other day:

Clearly this is the Nappy Fairy. She’s not exactly what I envisaged when I invented her called upon her to guide us through the toilet-training quagmire we found ourselves in 18 months ago, but hey, who am I to judge?

Tiernan and Molly agree with me wholeheartedly. This is the Nappy Fairy. We will say hi to her every week when we go to Tiernan’s speech therapy sessions – she lives across the road from the clinic. We probably should stay in contact. We might need her help again some day…

2 Responses to "We found the Nappy Fairy!"

That is hilarious. poor Molly thought she was getting a raw deal! I’m certainly not looking forward to toilet training Xavier. He is even more stubborn than Scarlett!

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