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I’m going private…

Posted on: February 4, 2012

Due to unfortunate circumstances, this blog will soon become private. I know I don’t get many comments, but my stats tell me I do have some readers, so I’m calling out to all you lurkers to please comment here if you wish to continue visiting me at 3 under 3. If you leave your email address with your comment, I can email you the access code when I get it sorted out – I believe that your address won’t be published along with your comment, only I will be able to see it.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


15 Responses to "I’m going private…"

Oh no! I hope everything’s all right. I’d still like to keep up with your updates, if you’re comfortable with that; you can email me at j.buncad at gmail.

Awww… I’m a lurker and I’d miss you! You have made me laugh out loud and nod my head madly in agreement so many times (I have 3 kids but not as close together in age or as young as yours; mine are 8,6 and 3.5).

Enjoy your blog Anna, add me please. Hopefully catch up in person at playgroup nxt week

Anna, love reading your blog, I’d like to keep reading it. Emily.

gee – some people! Add me for sure – love you!!

I have lurked here for a while and enjoy your posts immensely; I would be very sad not to see them!

Add me of course!

Yep! Was going to add you anyway 🙂

Sent from my iPhone.

please can you add me love?

Add me too please!

Was going to anyway Eliza 🙂

Sent from my iPhone.

Love your blog Anna! x

Hi Anna, I love reading about your little ones. They are however getting quite good at sharing stories from home-all good I should add xx

and me as well. so there

Oh no, I hope everything is ok. Of course I’d love to keep reading!

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