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What we’ve been doing lately

Posted on: February 22, 2012

I have a horrible cold and so not feeling up to a proper post at the moment. But I thought I’d share some photos from the last few weeks (and months, actually):

We got creative with some cardboard boxes just after Christmas.

‘Toot toot chugga chugga…’

First go on the Slip n’ Slide given to them by Aunty Kate and Uncle Mitch.

The curliest ever straw!


Green texta.

My first ever pav. Yummo.

On a bushwalk. Quite possibly the stupidest thing we have ever done: three kids, hot day, steep descent into a gully, even steeper climb out (with no discernible track to follow)… and leeches galore – ALL of them on ME!!!

A view of the gully we just climbed out of… only you can’t really see it! Oh well.

Molly mastering the art of simultaneously eating and breastfeeding. Nothing to it.

The cutest Pooh-Bear and Eeyore ever!

1 Response to "What we’ve been doing lately"

That is an impressively curly straw! What cute photos. Pity about the leeches though, yuck!

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