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10 things about Tiernan, aged 4-and-3-quarters

Posted on: April 7, 2012

Ready for soccer

Tiernan, Tiernan, Tiernan. We’ll start with the nice:

1. Well, the good news is that your hearing test went well, and, for the moment, your hearing is perfect. Also, your behaviour is also noticeably much improved. Coincidence? Who knows. I guess it’s still a matter of wait and see, but I hope the worst is behind us for now. Probably, the very next time you get a cold, we will go through the whole blocked-ear, infection, glue-ear cycle again, but we’ll deal with that when it happens.

2. You are very much enjoying playing soccer, like a ‘big kid’. You had a trial game last weekend (which I missed as I was rowing in a regatta), and you scored three goals – two for your team, and one for the opposition! Your Dad said you really started to get it during the second half, and you were running rings around the other kids – you just have so much stamina and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to be at your next game, cheering you on proudly.

3. You’re also enjoying your hip-hop classes. I wasn’t sure how enthusiastic you would be about them, but you’re getting the hang of the routine and seem to like going. I was worried you would rebel against the rigid structure of learning a dance, but you wait patiently and listen to the teacher’s instructions, and then you have a go. It’s funny to watch because you always seem to be a step behind the others – you haven’t memorised the routine as well as they have. But I can TOTALLY sympathise with you there – I suck at learning dances and never know what to do next! So it’s probably a family trait. You’re getting better each week, though.

4. You got your first invitation to a birthday party, and you are so excited. The party’s a whole month away, but you mention it every second day. It’s a ten-pin bowling party, but when I told you about it you got confused with lawn bowls and asked whether you would be playing at the ‘Bowlo’ (our nick-name for the local Bowling Club). I love that you were equally as keen when you thought it was lawn bowls, though.

5. You are settling back into preschool okay. We still have some trouble convincing you to go on the days that Molly doesn’t come with you, but you are getting better at finding things you like about it when we discuss what will happen when you are there.

6. Last week you invented a dinosaur, called the ‘Miffiomimus’. I asked you to describe it to me, and you ended up drawing a picture of it and I helped you to label the parts. Then you told me about its eating habits and what it liked to do, and I wrote down what you said. It demonstrates how much you have been taking in from the non-fiction library books we’ve been borrowing about wild animals and dinosaurs. Sometimes you’d much rather read these than story books before bed, and now you can confidently compose your own ‘factual’ reports about your imaginary creatures. Very cool.

7. Your Dad took you to the Easter Show yesterday (Molly and I went separately), for some one-on-one time, and he reports that you behaved beautifully the whole day. Very mature, very responsive, very patient when it came to waiting in lines and walking through crowds. I’m glad we had the opportunity to give you this time out on your own. For your birthday, I think we will try to take you out for a day again, maybe to the Museum of Fire, or something else you’d find interesting. You respond well to having this quality time with us occasionally.

Ferris wheel

Baby animals

8. In the last few days, you’ve not only been behaving much more reasonably, you’ve also been playing quite happily with your sisters more often. A bit more generous and understanding, all around, which is nice to see. When I notice you doing these things, I really try to let you know that I can see how nice you’re being, or how hard you’re trying to get along. I hope you know we don’t only see the negatives.

Playing with Molly, who is 'getting married'

9. I’m still pinching myself as I watch you play, and speak using big words, and dress yourself, and try to understand the complexity of the world around you as you become increasingly aware of it. My baby is nearly 5! My baby is going to school next year! Gulp…

10. We’ve started an apple-seed-planting project because you professed to me that your dearest wish is to grow an apple tree from a seed. You asked me enough times that I finally googled how to do it, and so we have dried out a few seeds from an apple, and we now have them in the fridge, wrapped in damp paper towel. Hopefully, within a month, they will sprout seedlings, and then we can plant them. I am not a gardening person. I tend to forget to feed things that don’t tell me when they are hungry (the way children and pets do). So this is an experiment. I think you are expecting to have a fully functioning apple tree planted in our back yard by your fifth birthday, while I will be completely amazed if we even get to the seedling stage. But we shall see…

With your apple seeds

And now the not-so-great:

Actually, having just vented in a big long spiel about your difficult behaviour (see here), I’m not sure that I have anything to say on the subject at this juncture. Yep, you do annoying, silly things. Yep,  you can be extremely loud and sometimes very unreasonable. Yep, you drive me, and everyone else, nuts at times. But right now, I am being quietly thankful for the last week, which has been almost (not quite) free of melt-downs, screaming matches, public humiliations, and teeth-grinding angry moments. For the moment, we’re okay. Love you xxx

This was your idea - you saw it on Playschool and wanted to try it

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