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10 things about Molly, aged 3-and-a-half

Posted on: April 8, 2012

At your preschool Easter hat parade

Ah Molly. My ‘big’ girl. The things I love the most about you at the moment:

1. You absolutely love your dancing lessons, and you can’t wait to go each week. We recently bought you some little ballet slippers, and you would sleep in them if I let you. The joy on your face as you dance and twirl with the other girls in your class is priceless. Like your brother (and mother), remembering the steps seems to be a bit tricky for you, but it doesn’t bother you in the slightest and you make up for that with your big smile and happy, just-one-step-behind moves. Love it.

2. Yesterday I took you to the Easter Show with your Aunty Kate, and it was lovely to spend a whole day with just you. You are such a delightful little thing. On the train journey into Olympic Park, you were just bubbling with happiness, and the people sitting near us couldn’t help joining in with your excited chatter about what we would see at the show. They thought you were just so cute, and they laughed at your funny observations on life along the way. We had a great day, even though you got a little tired and stroppy in the middle. You bounced back to life right at showbag time, and on the train ride home you made even more friends, and conversed merrily with them the whole way home. I love your confidence and ability to strike up a conversation with almost anyone.

3. Sometimes, sometimes, we are able to talk you into trying your dinner instead of you just pronouncing it ‘disgusting’ before you’ve even looked at it properly. We’re talking little steps, here.

4. You say funny things like, ”The sun is setting up,” when it’s actually just setting. When you were sick with a cold recently, you told me your voice was in your ear and it was “annoring” (a combination of ‘ignoring’ and ‘annoying’) you. After preschool a few weeks ago, Tiernan’s teacher pulled me aside to tell me an amusing story. Miss R told me you had asked her a question that she hadn’t quite understood, but took to mean, “Do you have a Volvo or a Daewoo?”, to which Miss R’s reply was, “No, I don’t have either. I have a Fiesta.” You appeared very confused by this response. It wasn’t until Tiernan stepped in to clarify the issue that it all made sense, “No, Molly asked you if you have a vulva and a vagina!” No wonder you were so confused, what’s a Fiesta?

5. You sit still long enough to let me do your hair most days, which means I can try to tame the wild beast that is your fringe. It has a mind of its own. I don’t have to argue with you quite so much about looking after your hair, or chopping it off. When I do offer chopping as an alternative to brushing (and I’m quite serious when I offer, it’s no empty threat), you now say, “No thanks, let’s brush it.” Which is good news because I love your hair and want you to love it too. Not in a vain way, but in a ‘this is me’ way.

6. You’ve had another growth spurt and you suddenly look decidedly like a small child rather than a toddler. You have more neck, slender shoulders and have lost some of your cute little tum. It’s exciting to see you changing in this way – definitely not a baby any more.

7. You are continuing to thrive at preschool, and at family day care. Lately you have been slightly hesitant to go to preschool, but as soon as we are there your anxiety fades and you are very happy to stay. Your teachers love you and are always excited to have you for the day, which is really nice. I think they enjoy your bubbly personality as much as I do.

8. We have been encouraging you to use your words more when you are angry or upset, and it seems to be working. When something goes wrong, you have been trying to tell us that you’re upset instead of screaming and telling us you hate us. It’s a pleasant change. It’s not 100% effective just yet, but we’re getting there.

9. You couldn’t sound more Aussie if you tried. Your accent is a little bitKath and Kim.You say things like “It’s noight toime,” and “Boye boye.” You’ve also been experimenting with adding extra vowels to some words, such as “Deeark” instead of “Dark”. On the plus side, you recently started putting the ‘l’ into ‘Molly’, which was previously ‘Mowy’.

10. While I think of it I just want to say thanks, Molly, for never trying to climb over the kitchen gate and into the cupboards to raid them for food. Your brother and sister both do that, and I very much appreciate the fact that you don’t. Three climbers might be a few too many for me to handle. Even though you are quite happy to reap the rewards of your siblings’ looting, thanks for not actually doing it yourself.

On the carousel at the Easter Show


With Miffy at the show

Some least-favourites now:

1. You recently gave Neave her first hair cut. While I was out one weekend, your Dad heard Neave give a small cry, and out you came with tears streaming down your face, asking him to come and see what you’d done to Neave. He followed you into the study (which is supposed to be off-limits to children), to find a pair of scissors on the floor, along with a lock of Neave’s hair. There was also a scratch on the back of Neave’s neck, and this is what had upset you. Even though Neave wasn’t too worried, you realised you had hurt her and were so sad. You took yourself to your room and cried yourself to sleep. Later on, you asked your Dad whether he thought Neave’s scratch would be feeling better yet, and you seemed relieved when he said he thought it was. I guess this is an example of learning the hard way not to touch scissors. It’s kind of funny now that it’s over, but I am a little upset about Neave’s missing curls. They’re not all gone, but I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to some of them yet!

2. I don’t know how many times our bed has been wee’d in over the last few weeks, but it is way too many. Ick. The usual routine at the moment is for you to go to sleep in our bed of a night, and for daytime sleeps, because it’s too hard to get both you and Neave settled in the same room. You still sleep in nappies at night, but I like to give you the opportunity to go to bed nappy-free, and slip one on you later if I can’t get you to go on the toilet before I go to bed. However, that’s not working any more, so we now have to do the nappy thing at bed-time. I guess I’m more annoyed at our expensive, but apparently worthless mattress-protector, which hasn’t been much good for keeping the wee off the mattress (which I would assume is part of its job description!)

3. While we’re on the subject, toileting continues to be a frustrating endeavour with you. I think I wrote three months ago that I thought you’d finally got the hang of it, but alas, the pattern has continued, where you will have no difficulty using the toilet for two weeks, and then you will have multiple accidents each day for another two weeks, before suddenly getting it again. So I’ve resolved to just accept that this is the way it is for now, instead of counting the weeks as they go by and expecting that each relapse will be the last. You’ll get it eventually. Doesn’t make it any less frustrating in the short-term, though.

4. I’ve been a little worried about you lately, as you’ve had two sort of ‘fainting spells’ in the last couple of months, which is odd. Both happened at day care, so I’ve not witnessed it myself, but it is concerning. We’ve been to the doctor, and you’ve had basic blood tests, which have come up normal. If it happens again, we will be referred to a paediatrician for a more thorough investigation. In the meantime, I have my fingers crossed that they were just ‘one-offs’ (even though there were two), and that everything’s okay with you.

I love you, precious girl.

With the apple seeds

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