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10 things about Neave, aged 2.

Posted on: May 3, 2012

Your brother and sister stuffed tennis balls into your pants. You helped.


The loves:

1. You’re talking in (almost) full sentences! It happened so fast that I think I actually missed it at first. You were garbling something at me for a couple of days before I realised that there were lots of actual words in there. Now you say things like, “That bit’s broken,” “I read it,” “That car is Tiernan’s,” “I want my blanket,” (which often sounds more like “my mant more mankie”), and “I want my Mum!” (my favourite).

2. Your favourite game is ‘Are you?’, where you hide under the table and say “Are you?” until we say “Neave, where are you?” and then you jump out and say “Boo!”

3. When you’re pretending to sleep you scrunch up your little face and do this fake snore that sounds like you’re saying ‘shooo, shooo’.

4. When you’ve finished eating you empty your scraps into the bin and put your plate and cup on the sink. I don’t even have to ask you because you copy your brother and sister.

5. You have bonded so beautifully with your Nanny (as in grandmother, not an employee), who looks after you every second Friday while I’m working. It’s lovely to see you seeking her out for cuddles when she and Poppy visit us, because I know it means a lot to her. It also makes it easier for me to leave you on Fridays, knowing how happy you are. The other Fridays are alternated between your Dad and Poppy, whom you are also very comfortable with. But I think you and Nanny have something special going on.

6. Playing outside is one of your most favourite things to do, and I love watching you. You have this great ‘can do’ attitude. You watch your siblings do something once, and then off you go to try it yourself (although this can be a bad thing – like the time you ended up on the cubby house roof…) You are just so confident and competent – climbing on and off the trampoline, opening and shutting the zipper, getting on and off the swings, climbing on the monkey bars and swinging back down. For someone so very tiny, you can do a lot.

7. Timeout works with you!!! This is AMAZING, especially considering Tiernan and Molly still get up and wander around when they’re supposed to be sitting for, like, one minute. But, you do something naughty (like spit – guess where you learnt that one – or hit), we say ‘no’ and put you in the Timeout spot, walk away… AND YOU STAY THERE UNTIL WE COME BACK FOR YOU. Then you say sorry or give us a hug, and we all move on. Simple. Easy. Done. Meanwhile, one of your siblings will have done something and we’ll still be going on about it ten minutes later because they refuse to sit in Timeout for one minute. Go figure. As always, I’m anticipating you’ll learn from ‘The Tiernan and Molly School of Conduct’ any minute now, and pretty soon we’ll be chasing you around for Timeout, too. So I’ll just enjoy this while it lasts.

8. You’re still a bit shy with strangers or in large group situations, but I’m learning that if we stick around long enough you do eventually warm up enough to let go of my leg and go play or talk to people. It’s nice to see an improvement, and it makes waiting out the clinginess a bit easier. Although, a certain amount of clinginess is acceptable. You are my last baby, after all. Don’t go growing out of it too quickly, you hear?

9. You sing songs and read books to yourself. A-dor-a-ble.

10. You spend most of your free time following either Tiernan or Molly around the house, copying their every move. If they grab a book to read, so do you. If they want a drink, so do you. If they get a toy out, so do you (after you try to grab their one from their hands). If they jump on the beds, so do you. If they scribble on the furniture, so do you… no, wait… these should be going in the other list…

New stroller

The not-loves:

1. All that stuff I said about you being all brilliant and ‘can do’… well it has a down side, too. Sometimes you decide you can climb onto the bathroom vanity, sit in the sink and put toothpaste on everyone’s toothbrushes before shoving them all into your mouth. Sometimes you decide you can push a chair over to the kitchen bench, use it to climb up, open the cupboard and help yourself to biscuits and lollies. Sometimes you decide you can climb the linen cupboard shelves, take every item you find down and throw them all into a huge pile on floor.

2. I never thought I would meet someone more stubborn than your sister, but I think you’re it. You’ve got staying power, and a mighty set of lungs when it all dissolves into tantrum territory. You have a flair that even Molly can’t help stopping to admire.

3. Erm, have you forgotten how to sleep??? For about two weeks now, you have been getting up lots during the night and it is absolutely driving us crazy. We’re stuck – since you and Molly share a room, we can’t put you back into your own bed (kicking and screaming) without waking Molly up. But, if we try to put you in our bed, you just bounce around and talk to us all night instead of sleeping. Then you wake us all up at 5:30 (5:30!!!) Because that’s your new schedule, apparently. The worst part is that, after breakfast you’re so tired that you promptly fall asleep and I get so jealous that I can’t do the same. All of this throws out your routine, too, because you then sometimes refuse to have your afternoon sleep, or you do have your afternoon sleep but then won’t go down in the evening until 9.00. Then the whole vicious cycle starts again… However, I will say (touch wood), you seem to have turned a corner, and for the past two nights you have come quietly into our room in the very very early hours, climbed into our bed, and settled down reasonably quickly, and not waking again until 7.00. It’s definitely an improvement, but you’re still messing with my sleep, buddy! Not cool.

4. Typing on this laptop is now a painfully slow process thanks to you, Neave. You have developed a penchant for taking things apart, and your favourite thing to take apart is the keyboard. You have removed eleven keys from it over the four occasions in the last week when either your father or I have forgotten to stow the laptop out of your reach. That’ll learn us.

But despite that, Mummy loves you xxx

New baby

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