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Life is fun. It is.

Posted on: July 5, 2012

Wow, I feel these posts are becoming much fewer and further between. The anti-bullying letter I mentioned last time is still hanging around – we are in phase two of our ‘Shut the bastard up’ campaign, our initial letter has been submitted to the Board, and we are now compiling an extensive list of incidents and various forms of proof for our claims, ie. witnesses, emails, etc. So, the saga continues and I have barely had head space for anything else lately.

I don’t know whether it’s the letter, or a combination of other things, that is pulling my mood down. Lately I have been stressed to the max and finding it very difficult to relax and enjoy anything. That’s probably not entirely true, but everything sure feels like hard work at the moment. I’m also not making much headway with a few other difficulties we are having, and it’s all very overwhelming.

Tom is having his own worries, with a lot of uncertainty about his job, attempting to study, and trying to cope with his brother’s recent estrangement.

It sometimes feels like we have days that are almost entirely filled with some level of stress/angst/yelling. I worry about what this is doing to all of us, but especially the kids. They don’t deserve to have strung-out parents who can’t seem to cope with the littlest of hiccups.

Sometimes we joke about giving it all away and moving somewhere we didn’t need ‘things’. Like, the jungles of Sumatra. Tom would fulfil his lifelong dream of photographing wildlife while doing conservation work. I would teach in poor communities, and somehow find time to write a novel. Yeah, I know. Unlikely.

I think I’m having some sort of early-onset midlife crisis. All I’ve ever wanted to do is teach. It took me seven years to get my degree, and during that time my passion to teach never faded. In fact, it intensified. But now I’m there – I’ve got my own little class a couple of days a week, and I love caring for them and giving them new experiences – and, much to my annoyance, I’ve suddenly got this burning desire to shut myself in a room and write.

Maybe it has something to do with the allure of having peace and quiet for a change? I don’t know. Obviously, this idea is going to have to sit on the back burner. There’s no time for it now.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to remind myself that life is fun. So here are some recent photos to pull me out of my funk.

At the local Fire Station Open Day.

Tired little girl couldn’t wait until lunch!

Tiernan being a peacock.

Jumping in muddy puddles.

Tiernan’s Birthday Cakes!

And the Pirate Party Cake!

‘Pin the Treasure Chest on the Map’. Obviously my blindfold tying skills are somewhat below par!

Lego!! One of Tiernan’s many birthday presents.

You know what they say, “A child in the hand is worth two in the hedge.” I’m sure that’s how it goes.

The hedge is in our back yard. I have no idea how Neave got so far up. This photo was taken after I rescued Molly from the position Neave is in here. It took me five minutes to extract Molly, and it took Neave only one minute to scramble up and fill her spot. Her feet were level with my head.

Looking at them, I am remembering fun times had with the kids that were not entirely stressful. So, it’s really a matter of perspective. And after days of cleaning poo off nearly every floor in our house, I clearly have none.

Sorry for the doom and gloom. Life is messy. But fun, too.

The good news is that we are going away for a weekend in Canberra, in only two sleeps. Nanny and Poppy (my in-laws) are coming too. Questacon, here we come!

2 Responses to "Life is fun. It is."

Love the mud puddle pic, a classic, and all 3 in one picture, well done!

Perspective, yes, that’s one of the things that’s most elusive for me – especially after a whole day with the kids, especially if that day has been filled with fussing and bothering and not quite enough listening to me when I ask them to please stop jumping onto each other from the back of the couch. I think I need to take a leaf out of your book and go back through our more recent photos, because we too have good times!

Good luck with the anti-bullying campaign, and a raised cup of coffee in honor of you continuing to push on through and do what you need to do.

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