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An interview with Tiernan and Molly.

Posted on: September 3, 2012

I found this idea here, and decided to steal it. It’s a set of interview questions asked to a child on a yearly basis, just to gain a sneak peak into their ever-expanding minds. I already write updates on each of my children about every three months (although I skipped the last lot due to not being able to find suffiicient time…) However, I like that this format allows me to include their exact ideas on things in their exact words.

I was going to interview Molly and Tiernan separately, to avoid them being influenced by each other in their responses, but it ended up being a three-way interview as they were so keen. Afterwards, Tiernan asked me some questions, too.

Me: What is your favourite food?

Tiernan: Crunchy carrot. Not soft carrot, crunchy carrot.

Molly: Tiny Teddies.

Me: What’s a food you don’t like?

Tiernan: It’s another type of carrot. Soft carrot.

Molly: Um, broccoli.

Me: Who is the coolest person on earth?

Tiernan: Ben 10.

Molly: Not coolest. Prettiest.

Me: Girls can like cool things, too. I like cool things.

Molly: No, prettiest.

Me: Okay, who is the prettiest person on earth?

Molly: Barbie. (Me: Inner groan).

Me: When you grow up what do you want to be?

Molly: An Olympic swimmer.

Tiernan: Ben 10, and fight aliens and get a watch.

Me: What is your favourite colour?

Molly: Pink and purple.

Tiernan: Blue and black. And white. (Even though he told me minutes before that white is not a very good colour because it isn’t very colourful).

Me: What is your favourite song?

Molly: Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer.

Tiernan: Songs with boy singers.

Me: What do you like to do outside?

Tiernan: Play on the monkey bars.

Molly: Jumping on the trampoline.

Me: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Tiernan: To Space.

Molly: To the snow.

Me: When you were little, what did you used to do?

Tiernan: I played with my rattle. If I had one. (He didn’t).

Molly: Did I have a rattle?

Me: No.

Molly: Oh. I loved to sleep cos I was nice and cosy.

Me: Who is your best friend?

Molly: Penny and Alice.

Tiernan: Jack and Harry, who I don’t see much anymore. (Harry that is).

Me: What is your favourite snack?

Molly: Alien Paws. (These are real things, she’s not making it up. Rice crackers in the shape of alien paws).

Tiernan: Muesli bars.

Me: What is your favourite movie?

Molly: The Bee Movie.

Tiernan: Pirates of the Caravan. (LOL!! He means Caribbean. By the way, he has only seen the TV edit they put on sometimes at 6:30pm for kids, which skips the more graphic scenes. Much to his frustration,  I won’t let him watch the one we have on DVD in our cabinet. Another of his favourite movies is ‘Comfy Panda’ (Kung Fu Panda), which he didn’t mention but it’s another one I love to hear him mispronounce!)

Me: Tiernan, what’s your favourite thing to do with Molly?

Tiernan: When I’m bigger, doing handstands. (Okaaay? What about now? He wouldn’t elaborate).

Me: Molly, what’s your favourite thing to do with Tiernan?

Molly: Sharing.

Me: What’s your favourite thing to do with Neave?

Tiernan: I like to lift her up.

Molly: Playing with dolls.

Me: What’s your favourite thing to do with Daddy?

Tiernan: When he lifts me up, and when he chases me around. And also when he shared lollies with me on Father’s Day.

Molly: When he tickles me.

Me: What’s your favourite thing to do with Mummy?

Molly: Cuggling.

Tiernan: When we do craft.

Me: What’s a book that you love?

Molly: Dora. And The Gruffalo.

Tiernan: My favourite colouring book is Ben 10. I like The Gruffalo, too. (Neave’s favourite book is also The Gruffalo. Our copy is so well-read that it’s falling apart!)

Me: What’s your favourite sport?

Molly: Dancing.

Tiernan: Running and jumping.

Me: What’s your favourite thing to wear?

Tiernan: Pirate dress-ups.

Molly: My pretty, pretty dresses.

Me: If you had one wish, what would it be?

Molly: Fairies could come alive and give lots of toys to us.

Tiernan: A Ben 10 toy that is Armodrillo. I will tell you some questions now, Mum.

Me: Okay.

Tiernan: Who is your favourite character?

Me: Hmm, I like Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Bilbo Baggins and Elizabeth Bennet, to name a few.

Tiernan: Who are those people? What is your favourite food?

Me: Chocolate.

Tiernan: What is your favourite sign language?

Me: Um, that’s a tricky one. I like them all. Signing is fun. (All said while signing. I like showing off. Well okay, I don’t know the word ‘tricky’ yet).

Tiernan: What’s your favourite thing about glasses?

Me: I don’t have a favourite thing about glasses… except sunglasses, I like that they keep the Sun out of my eyes.

Tiernan: What’s your favourite thing about teeth?

Me: Teeth? I like that they chew up our food for us so we can swallow it.

Tiernan: What’s your favourite thing about smiling?

Me: You’re asking great questions, Tiernan. Um, my favourite thing about smiling is that you can tell people you are happy by smiling, and you can also tell them with your smile that you would like to be friends. What’s your favourite thing about smiling?

Tiernan: I like when people smile because you think they really like you and want to play with you. That’s all the questions I’m going to tell you now. You can think of some of your other favourite things.

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Love this interview! Tiernan’s questions are great.

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