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Blue Whales

Posted on: September 20, 2012

It seems we are all about astronauts lately. A conversation I had with Tiernan in bed this morning:

Tiernan: “When I grow up I am going to be the first man on the moon.”

Me: “Oh. Well that’s fine, but there has already been a first man on the moon. Neil Armstrong.”

Tiernan: “Okay, I’ll be the second man on the moon then.”

Me: “There’s already been a second man, too. There have been a few men on the moon. I’m not sure how many. But you can be one too if you want.”

Tiernan: “Yeah I will. And when I get there, I’ll know how many. How can I get to be a man on the moon?”

Me: “Well you have to study hard and go to university to be an astronaut. And then you would have to get a job on a space program. I don’t think we have one here in Australia at the moment, so you might have to go to another country like America or Russia. Maybe Japan.” (This is really testing the limits of how much I know about ‘space programs’, in case you couldn’t tell!)

Tiernan: “What about Blue Whales?”

Me: “What about Blue Whales?

Tiernan: “I want to go to Blue Whales. Do they have a space program there?”

Me: “Do you mean the country? Wales?”

Tiernan: “Yes. Blue Whales.”

And then I couldn’t speak any more because I was laughing too hard.

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