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Molly says

Posted on: November 2, 2012

Molly’s vocabulary is expanding rapidly, but she doesn’t always get the new words quite right. Here are some of her funny sayings before I forget them:

Umbrella = ‘Underbrella’

Meant (as in, “I meant to do that”) = ‘Cement’ or even ‘Dement’. Very funny in context!

Material = ‘Bacterial’

Ignoring / Annoying = ‘Annoring’. Or sometimes just ‘Noring’

Distract = ‘Just whack’. As in, “Mum, I’m not just whacking her!”

More = ‘Morla’. What the??

Contact lenses = ‘Contact lessons’. When she asks me, “Mum, why do you need contact lessons?”, it makes me feel like I am about to embark on a top-secret mission to another planet to make contact with other life forms, and I am having contact lessons to prepare me for my task. Exciting.


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