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Posted on: January 14, 2013

14.01.12  (4)

This morning, something really wonderful happened. The kids woke up happy, I woke up happy. We hung around in my bed for a while. Then we got up and had breakfast together. After breakfast, Tiernan asked me to come and play with him, so I did. We played in Molly and Neave’s room, with their new dollhouse, which was being occupied on a short-term lease by Tiernan’s Green Lantern toy and a Transformer. Pretty soon, we were joined by Molly, Neave and 15 Barbies (and Monster Dolls, and Princesses, and Ponies, and Fairies, and Sylvanians…) The 20 or so house-mates all got dressed up together before going out for dinner. They peacefully negotiated who would car pool in the two available Barbie cars, and who would walk or fly. Everyone had a great time. They went back to the house to crash in the single bed (a little squishy, but warm, I’m assured), and after a good night’s sleep, they rose in the morning to do it all again.

At that point, I quietly slipped out of the game and watched my three children play happily together, without a single argument or any other intervention needed, for a good twenty minutes or so. Then I made myself a cuppa and sat down by myself for a few minutes, enjoying the peace and quiet. It was just sooooooo nice! Don’t get me wrong – this kind of thing is definitely not unheard of, in fact, it happens fairly frequently. However, it’s holidays, we have been spending a lot of time together lately, and, well… it’s starting to show! Since Tom returned to work after the Christmas / New Year break, it’s pretty much just been me and the kids all day, every day. Which is, ironically, exactly how I planned it – I purposely booked them in for fewer daycare days in January because I wanted to spend more time with them. Especially Tiernan, who is off to Big School. So, while I am enjoying having more time to play with the kids, and not having to rush here, there and everywhere, the boredom is definitely starting to kick in, for both me and the kids. And when they’re bored, they fight. All the time.

Which made this morning all the more lovely.

While I was sipping my tea in motherly bliss, I got to thinking about this here blog and how neglected it’s been the past few months. I do miss having the time and space to sit and write, so I am going to try to squeeze it in somewhere, along with the rowing, cycling, reading and playing I’ve been trying to pack into these holidays, too. It’ll be tough, but someone’s gotta do it.

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