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10 things about Tiernan, aged 5 and a half (+1 month)

Posted on: January 24, 2013

I’ve been thinking for a while now that I should change the format of these ’10 things’ posts. At first it was easy to think of 20 different things, both good and bad, about each of the kids. But now I feel it is becoming a bit repetitive. So, I’m going to trial just one ’10 things’ list that includes both the good and the bad, in no particular order.


1. You are becoming more and more independent, wanting to make your own breakfast, pick out your own clothes, brush your own teeth, put on your own seat belt. It is so nice to see how just how capable you are. Of course, there are still times when you want me to do all of the above for you, but we’re getting there.

2. We have started reading chapter books with you and you have been really enthusiastic about it, wanting to read ‘just one more chapter’ every time we stop. I have been looking forward to sharing some of my favourite childhood books with you. So far we have read Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox
, and now we are half-way through The BFG. I think we’ll try another author next but will have to think carefully: I’m sure I read other authors as a kid, but can’t seem to get past the wonderful Mr Dahl! And I think you’re too young for Paul Jennings just yet.

3. Like most older siblings, you seem to think you are the boss of your sisters, and you don’t hesitate to order them around. Luckily, they’re not always very inclined to listen to you, but it does sometimes get you all in trouble. Especially when you try to give them ‘time out’!

4. Your favourite TV show at the moment is Horrible Histories, which is on at the very inconvenient time of 7pm at the moment. Although probably mildly inappropriate for your age (and Molly and Neave’s ages), we let you watch it because we like it, too. Besides, it’s educational. Sort of. Being holidays, your TV watching has crept up a bit, but soon we will be in ‘school mode’, and there will be some more limits in place. You’re quite accepting of this, and you seem to know what we mean when we say ‘that’s enough TV for one day, go outside.’

5. Speaking of ‘school mode’, it’s only 7 sleeps until you start big school! I’m so excited for you. You are going to love it. I’m also quite apprehensive about just how I’m going to manage to get you there by 9:00 each morning, and get you fed, clean and in bed at a decent time each night! Bedtime seems to have completely gone out the window these holidays, and you are often not in bed until 8:30 or later. I think I didn’t have a bedtime of 8:30 until I was at least 8 years old. So we will have to ponder that and get the new ‘routine’ happening, pronto.


6. We have been spending some really nice quality time together these holidays, and it has been lovely. We have shopped for your school things, seen a movie together, played games, had lunch at a cafe, chatted… all the things that we do anyway but are just a little more hectic when there are three of you in tow. You would think all this attention, centred on you, would have s positive effect on your behaviour, but not so! You have been extremely ratty and bratty lately, and, to be fair, so have your sisters. I don’t know if it’s the lack of routine, the late-ish nights, the extra time at home, or the hot weather, but all in all, I’m looking forward to the holidays ending. I love spending time with you, of course, but it will be good when you have some more stimulation again!

7. You had the opportunity to spend a day in Vacation Care, through the YMCA, which is where you will be going for Before and After School Care on the days I work. I enrolled you in a Parkour clinic, which you absolutely loved, and you got to meet some of the other kids that will be at YMCA with you once school starts. You had no trouble adapting to this new setting; the supervisors said you fit in with the other kids and were happy all day. While I already knew you were ready for school, it’s still nice to have this confirmed.

8. I think in the last ’10 things’ post I did for you, I said we had made really good progress with your stuttering. Well. After several weeks of not-so-regular practice (gulp), I have noticed a big increase in your stuttering again. I’m trying to sneak extra practices in again now, but you are a bit over it and it’s difficult to motivate you. I’m kinda dreading your next speech appointment.

9. We bought you lace-up school shoes for school and I think your teacher might hate us for it. We’ve been trying to get you to practice tying them up, with a special shoe-lace book we bought, but you’re really not all that keen. You wanted the lace-ups, though, not Velcro. Oh well!

10. When I tuck you into bed at night I always say “Goodnight gorgeous boy, I love you,” and you answer back, “Goodnight gorgeous Mum, I love you too.” Aww.


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