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10 things about Molly, aged 4 years and 4 months

Posted on: January 25, 2013


1. -Dare I say it?- No accidents in about three months… I think you’re toilet trained!! We’re still working on nights but we’re getting. Just seem to have the Murphy’s Law thing going on: if we put a happy on you, you stay dry, but if we leave it off, you wake up wet. Never mind, it’ll happen.

2. With Tiernan about to start school, you get to be one of the big kids at preschool this year, which I’m sure you’re going to enjoy. So far you have done a really good job of helping Neave settle in there. The teachers think you are a hoot and already rely on you as one of the mature kids, so that will be really good for your self-esteem. Gosh, I almost think you could start school now! With your great language and social skills, I think you’d be fine. In a year’s time, there’s no doubt you’ll be raring to go!

3. Sometimes you need to take a chill pill (and don’t we all?) But particularly when Tiernan is teasing you and you completely lose it. I know Tiernan is annoying, he annoys me, too. But I find your screaming just as irritating. Worse, even.

4. I think four year olds are the master tantrum-throwers. Tiernan’s tantrum-throwing prowess peaked at four, and yours looks set to do the same. At least, I certainly hope so; surely it can’t get worse???

5. You are really looking forward to starting dancing again soon, and I’m looking forward to watching continue to have heaps of fun, and develop new skills. Over the Christmas break you have been treating us to impromptu concerts every now and then, and your confidence, as well as your moves, have improved hugely since you started dancing. I just love watching you enjoy yourself so much.


6. The soccer season will be starting again soon, and we initially thought you weren’t going to play, because you said you didn’t want to. However, over the last few months you seem to have changed your mind, and have even asked your Dad to take you to the field to practice. I think it’s a great idea and hopefully we’ll get out there a few times before registration, just to make sure you really do want to! I hope you do decide to play, because I think it would be really great for you. We’ll see.

7. You have just started speech therapy for your pronounced lisp, and it’s going well so far. You are pretty keen to practice, most days, and the speech therapist is happy with your progress.

8. In two weeks we will find out whether you need to wear glasses for your astigmatism. It looks likely. I always hated wearing glasses as a kid, so I’m a bit bummed for you. But you actually seem quite keen at the moment, so maybe it won’t be that bad. There seem to be more kids wearing glasses these days than when I was young, so hopefully you won’t get teased as much as I did. Nevertheless, you will have to learn some resilience, which is a good thing, but I’m just sad that I have to think of this stuff already. It would be better if you were older, I guess.

9. Well, after holding off for so long before letting you have a Barbie, it pains me to announce that we now have no fewer than 7 in the house (as well as 2 Winx and 2 Monster High Dolls). How did that happen? Although, I will admit I have enjoyed watching all three of you playing with them together in the new doll house.

10. Like your brother, you have become quite independent. Each morning, you get up, take your nappy off and put undies on, go to the toilet, climb into my bed for a cuddle, then skip off to play for a while before returning to ask for breakfast. It’s great not having to talk you through each step any more, and that I don’t even have to ask you to do it in the first place. Now I’m looking forward to the day when I can get you guys to make me a cup of tea to have in bed of a morning!


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