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10 things about Neave, aged 2 and 3/4

Posted on: February 6, 2013


1. You are growing up and have changed a lot over the past few months – you are taller and your face looks a little bit more pointy, less chubby. You’re still our little pixie, though, with your round face and petite frame. You have such a quiet little manner about you, too (except when you’re shouting). You walk into a room, talking softly, repeating a phrase over and over until someone acknowledges what you’re saying. Sometimes it takes us a while to figure out you’re actually talking to us, because you don’t raise your voice for attention, you just say it all again!

2. You officially started preschool two weeks ago and you’ve handled it better than I expected. You don’t relish the thought of going, but once there you seem to have a good time. This week, you even ran away to play as soon as we walked in – no tears!

3. Your favourite thing to do at the moment is put on a pretty dress and play Princesses (or Fairies, or Mermaids) with Molly. You guys can play quite happily together for over an hour these days, which is just awesome for me. Your second favourite thing is to play Barbies (or Fairies, or Sylvanian Families) in the doll house.

4. In just over a week you will be starting dancing with Molly, and I can’t wait. I think you will be shy at first (not like Molly, who just strode into the room as though she owned the place), but I know you’ll have fun once you have settled in.

5. You have become all camera shy all of a sudden, so it’s been hard to get good photos of you lately. All the photos I tried to take of your first day at preschool ended up being of the back of your head! You used to be my ‘cheese’ girl, Neave. I want my ‘cheese’ girl back!



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